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Goals included in the
Nonverbal Communication unit:
  • Keeping Personal Space
    Keeping Personal Space
  • Active Listening
    Active Listening
  • Making Eye Contact
    Making Eye Contact
  • Understanding Body Language
    Understanding Body Language
  • Act like You're Interested
    Act like You're Interested
  • Tone of Voice
    Tone of Voice

The Nonverbal Communication unit includes no materials!

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What will students learn in the Nonverbal Communication unit?

Nonverbal signals include everything we say without words, like eye contact, tone of voice, hand movements, and body language. Children who think more literally or who have communication, social, or emotional differences might miss some nonverbal cues and struggle to understand the bigger picture of what someone is saying. Everyday Speech offers a full Nonverbal Communication unit, with lessons on personal space, active listening, understanding body language, and more. There’s no prep work required on your part – just log in and start teaching social skills!

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