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Lesson Plans to Teach Situational Awareness

Fitting in is easier said than done. While many kids learn what is considered acceptable behavior by observing and modeling others, it can be tricky to strike a balance between individuality and belonging. This is particularly true of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disability, and other unique social and emotional needs. Part of social and emotional learning for these kids involves practicing situational awareness, or being tuned in to what is happening around them.

Situational awareness isn’t just necessary for safety, as in the case of being aware of dangers. It’s also a vital social skill. Once children have learned to possess situational awareness, they will likely feel more self-confident, prepared for social encounters and able to read and respond appropriately to the moods of others. It makes sense that many educators are seeing a need to teach situational awareness to all their students in general education environments.

How Everyday Speech Lesson Plans Teach Situational Awareness

The Everyday Speech curriculum offers multiple lessons designed to help children understand situational awareness. These lessons include an introduction to behavioral norms, such as mealtime behaviors or restaurant rules. Other lessons guide children to consider how others around them might feel in a given situation to establish a baseline for what is considered acceptable behavior. Through our curriculum, students will learn how to read a room and adapt to the situations they enter.

Finally, Everyday Speech offers insight into adapting to new places using the situational awareness skills students have learned. Teachers and diverse learning professionals can use the entirely predesigned material to guide children to become more comfortable, confident and communicative in different scenarios, helping them fit in perhaps like never before.

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Recommended sequence to teach

Situational Awareness

  • Thinking About Others
    Thinking About Others
  • Reading the Room
    Reading the Room
  • Restaurant Rules(Mealtime Behaviors)
    Restaurant Rules
  • Being a Social Chameleon(Adapting to New Places)
    Being a Social Chameleon

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Videos to teach Situational Awareness

Interactive online games to teach Situational Awareness

Worksheets and activities to teach Situational Awareness

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