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Lesson Plans to Teach Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a skill often indirectly absorbed rather than directly taught. But without instruction, many children — including those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disability, and other social and emotional needs — struggle to identify and solve problems independently. As a skill that’s vital not only in the school system but in life beyond the classroom, problem solving needs to be addressed and successfully taught from an early age. In response to this need, many educators have begun teaching problem-solving skills to all their students.

Problem solving involves a mastery of spotting problems and implementing solutions — and, if those solutions fail, trying different methods until the problem is solved. A well-rounded problem-solving education also teaches children how to assess the results and learn from the process so they can avoid the same problem in the future.

The art of identifying a problem and reacting creatively and successfully is a core part of the Everyday Speech curriculum. Students are also taught how to compromise and find a middle ground when dealing with personal conflicts.

Our goal is to equip children to become solution-oriented individuals who have confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles. This is accomplished through a set of multiple lesson plans. These tap into each child’s cognitive abilities in order to find logical solutions and creatively troubleshoot problems. They also challenge students to compromise using tools such as empathy and collaboration.

Problem-Solving Skills Through Designed Resources

Our two problem-solving goals are primarily taught through videos and interactive resources. Each video lesson is professionally designed to be both engaging and richly informative, showing real-life problem-solving scenarios through video modeling. Children can then put into practice the concepts they’re learning through games, activities, worksheets and more. Through practice in real-time, the concepts are more likely to stick.

There are many successful problem-solving tactics that are taught through each lesson, including identifying a pattern, reversing the chronology to work backward and creating lists or tables. Students are encouraged to use their imaginations and find creative solutions, a crucial lifelong skill.

Everyday Speech’s curriculum of designed materials offers modifications for various ages and levels. Teachers, diverse learning professionals, speech therapists, and parents have the option to mix and match levels according to the students they’re working with. This level of flexibility and customization wouldn’t be realistic if not for the fully prepared coursework and video instruction we offer. Teachers can guide children through these life skills with unmatched convenience and timeliness.

Problem Solving Steps

There are five Problem Solving Steps that break down the task of problem-solving. This allows students to learn to problem solve in manageable steps.
The steps include:

1. Identify the problem and how it makes you feel
2. Determine how big the problem is
3. Generate three (3) possible solutions
4. Pick the best one to try
5. Try the solution and assess if it solved the problem.

It’s important to teach students to evaluate if the problem is actually solved because they may have to try multiple solutions until the problem is fixed.

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Problem Solving

  • Solving a Problem
    Solving a Problem
  • Compromising

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