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Lesson Plans to Teach Play Skills

Learning how to play with others is about more than just having fun — although we believe this is important, too! Effective playtime teaches children crucial skills including communication, conflict resolution and sharing. Other play skills include knowing how to use acceptable behaviors when playing and how to play with others in a way that’s fair and fun for the whole group. Many children struggle with establishing these boundaries and navigating challenges like giving others a turn, sharing toys and losing gracefully.

For children with Developmental Disabilities, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or a different social or emotional need, play skills may require instruction. The same goes for many children in general education settings, as many teachers are increasingly discovering. Because play skills are so important to a child’s development, we don’t think they should just be relegated to recess time. These skills should be taught in the classroom as well as the playground, as they’ll inevitably spill out into other areas of a child’s social-emotional learning.

Everyday Speech Offers Targeted Lessons on Play Skills

The team at Everyday Speech has designed and compiled a curriculum that includes interactive play skills lesson plans. These lessons are ideal for children who have difficulty with play, including challenges with playing independently, interacting with others or taking turns. Other common difficulties include playing inappropriately with toys and being unable to make friends.

These challenges are addressed throughout three lessons, which seek to meet a set of goals. These include asking others to play, playing with other children and being a good sport.

Our curriculum teaches play skills through video modeling, interactive games and no-prep worksheets. Students will meet specific objectives such as learning what and how to communicate while they’re playing, practicing asking others if they’d like to play with them and learning how to resolve conflict. By the completion of the unit, children should have a deeper understanding of how to play by themselves and with others and display growing confidence in accomplishing their playtime goals.

Designed Lesson Plans Take the Burden off of Teachers

We’re well aware of the energy and effort teachers and diverse learning professionals put forth to create and implement successful lesson plans. Often this means going above and beyond to research and customize lesson plans — a particular challenge when a classroom is comprised of students at different stages and with their own unique needs.

Everyday Speech has done the legwork for you. We’ve designed a professional curriculum that will give children opportunities to learn and practice essential social-emotional skills. As they grow in their ability to embody acceptable play etiquette, children will also expand their understanding of social dynamics and healthy interactions. Our extensive videos, prepared worksheets and related games offer plenty of interactive opportunities for learning, with minimal prep work on the teacher’s end.

Additionally, each lesson is offered for a variety of ages and levels, allowing you to select plans that work best for specific students.

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Recommended sequence to teach

Play Skills

  • Asking Others to Play
    Asking Others to Play
  • Playing with Others
    Playing with Others
  • Being a Good Sport
    Being a Good Sport

Our Platform has 2 Videos, 2 Activities and 2 Games on Play Skills

Videos to teach Play Skills

Interactive online games to teach Play Skills

Worksheets and activities to teach Play Skills

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