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Everyday Speech Skill: Perspective Taking

Lesson Plans to Teach Perspective Taking

Perspective taking — otherwise known as empathy — involves seeing another point of view and understanding the different thoughts and feelings of other people. For many — including children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disability or other social and emotional needs — empathy is a learned skill. In our young stages, we are comfortable with the familiar, so it can be difficult to grasp that others may see things differently than we do.

As teachers in general education settings are increasingly discovering, perspective taking equips all children with practical tools to view the world through different lenses and put themselves in another person’s shoes. These empathy essentials will gear students to build successful friendships, see others’ perspectives, use social cues to read others’ feelings and develop healthy compassionate traits. How can we educate students to develop perspective taking? Through specifically designed social-emotional learning lesson plans.

Lesson Plans Focused on Offering an Empathetic Education

Everyday Speech has developed a convenient curriculum to give teachers, therapists and parents the tools they need to impart social-emotional skills to children. Perspective taking is a core skill developed through our curriculum.

Our curriculum includes multiple lessons on topics such as tuning in, understanding others’ points of view, and empathy essentials. Throughout the perspective taking unit, children learn to tune in to the thoughts and feelings of themselves and others. This is critical to establishing a base of accurate self-realization and understanding one’s own perspective or emotions. Students will also learn how to read others through body language and social cues.

By the conclusion of the unit, students will have learned how to apply their knowledge to create more empathetic relationships with those around them.

Comprehensively Designed Lesson Plans

The Everyday Speech curriculum takes the burden of lesson planning and research away from teachers and diverse learning professionals. Three rounded lesson plans focused on perspective taking include modeling videos, worksheets, interactive quizzes, related web games and more. With a straightforward layout and measurable objectives, each lesson includes several options depending upon the students’ level and age. All teachers need to do is administer the material and guide students through the process.

No more lesson planning headaches or struggles to create plans that successfully meet various student needs. We can deliver results without the stress of researching and designing. Be a part of your students’ self-discovery and empathetic growth without the time investment of designing a full curriculum.

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Recommended sequence to teach

Perspective Taking

  • Tuning In(Observing Yourself and Others)
    Tuning In
  • Understanding Others' Point of View
    Understanding Others' Point of View
  • Empathy Essentials
    Empathy Essentials

Our Platform has 2 Videos, 2 Activities and 2 Games on Perspective Taking

Videos to teach Perspective Taking

Interactive online games to teach Perspective Taking

Worksheets and activities to teach Perspective Taking

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