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Lesson Plans to Teach Emotional Recognition Skills

Many students find it difficult to recognize, regulate and appropriately respond to the emotions of both themselves and others. While this life skill may come instinctively to some children, it can require teaching and guidance for others, including those who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disability or other social and emotional needs. Increasingly, educators are discovering a need to teach social-emotional skills to all their students in a general education environment.

Emotional recognition is a crucial part of personal growth and building successful social relationships, making this skill a necessary part of education. Emotional recognition is a core skill in Everyday Speech’s SEL curriculum, which is designed to teach emotional recognition skills through video modeling and interactive games and activities.

Our Emotional Recognition Skills unit consists of multiple prepared lesson plans. Throughout the unit, students will learn tools for identifying emotions and interpreting facial expressions. They’ll also receive guidance on dealing with tough emotions and practicing positive self-talk to effectively control and change how they feel.

Sequence of goals for: Emotional Recognition
  • 1
    Identifying Feelings Identifying Feelings
  • 2
    Changing the Channel on Feelings(Coping with Tough Emotions) Changing the Channel on Feelings

Predesigned Lesson Plans for Effective Teaching Schedules

Our predesigned and multilayered lesson plans reduce prep work for busy teachers and diverse learning professionals. Whether you’re teaching an entire class SEL skills or facilitating small groups and one-on-one sessions, Everyday Speech’s curriculum and no-prep lesson plans will enable you to engage and guide students without any lesson planning or resource gathering. We’ve done the hard part for you!

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