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Lesson Plans to Teach Basic Conversation Skills

Basic conversational skills are essential for making and sustaining relationships, yet they often go untaught. Children are expected to subconsciously adopt and adapt conversational skills as they grow through socialization, even though many children find them difficult to grasp naturally. Conversation skills are especially difficult for young children and those with Developmental Disabilities, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as other emotional and social needs.

Educators are increasingly seeing the value in teaching basic conversation skills to all their students in a general education setting. Through guided instruction, modeling and practice, children can develop basic conversation skills over time. These skills include:

  • Starting and ending a conversation
  • Initiating a conversation with someone new
  • Asking questions
  • Using eye contact
  • Waiting for one’s turn to speak
  • Communicating clearly using age-appropriate language

Basic communication competency involves an understanding of social etiquette — that is, what is appropriate and respectful. This may involve saying “excuse me” instead of interrupting or being able to talk about topics that aren’t their particular preference.

Everyday Speech Teaches Children Basic Conversation Skills

We believe that, because conversation skills are so crucial to social integration and healthy development, these skills should be taught. We can’t rely on social experience to teach children these skills on their own. It’s important to remember that many kids need practical nudges in the right direction.

At Everyday Speech, our team has designed a curriculum that includes instruction on topics such as starting a conversation, using the “conversation stoplight” to know when to talk, maintaining a conversation, knowing how much to share, and ending a conversation. Children will become adept in these basics through modeling videos and hands-on participation in no-prep worksheets and interactive games, and activities.

Our structure is perfect for teachers, diverse learning professionals, speech therapists, after-school program leaders, parents and more. Without the time and energy invested in designing quality lesson plans, you can spend your time guiding students and ensuring you’ve chosen the right level and material for each student.

With Everyday Speech’s customizable curriculum, you have the ability to provide different levels of content for each student in your class, without having to create unique lesson plans for each. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Recommended sequence to teach

Basic Conversation Skills

  • Starting a Conversation
    Starting a Conversation
  • Conversation Stoplight(Knowing When to Talk)
    Conversation Stoplight
  • Conversation Drivers & Stoppers(Maintaining a Conversation)
    Conversation Drivers & Stoppers
  • Conversation Share(Knowing How Much to Talk)
    Conversation Share
  • Ending a Conversation
    Ending a Conversation

Our Platform has 2 Videos, 2 Activities and 2 Games on Basic Conversation Skills

Videos to teach Basic Conversation Skills

Interactive online games to teach Basic Conversation Skills

Worksheets and activities to teach Basic Conversation Skills

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