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2021-22 Plans & Pricing
Who is the Social-Emotional Learning Platform (SELP) for?

The Social-Emotional Learning Platform (SELP) was created for anyone working on social-emotional learning or social skills including learners across diagnoses. Professionals include:

District-wide Social-Emotional Curriculum
Speech-Language Pathologists
Social Workers/Psychologists
Teachers (Regular and Special Education)
Applied-Behavior Analysts
School Counselors
Students of all ages can use the materials, however, we recommend that students have a moderate understanding/ foundation of language abilities to benefit from the dialogue used in our video lessons and printable materials.

How are the materials broken into different age groups?

Materials are labeled as either Pre-K-Elementary or Middle-High school based on the difficulty of the skills covered, the age of the actors, and the vocabulary. Scenes are written to be reflective of the intended age group. We often hear that students relate to the actors on screen, which is a powerful benefit of using same-age actors for the intended age groups.

Is Everyday Speech backed by evidence-based studies?

Our materials are all written by licensed nationally board-certified Speech Language Pathologists and are based on the tenants of video modeling, which is the gold-standard in interventions for social skills.

Video Modeling is an evidence-based strategy using video recordings to model a desired skill. This technique has been shown to quickly improve and maintain new social skills. Our videos teach a full array of social competencies to improve school behavior, cope with the ever-changing social environment, navigate emotions, make informed social decisions to solve problems, and understand prescribed social rules.

Please see below:

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Indiana Resource Center for Autism

We developed our teaching method based on the following underlying skills needed to succeed socially and emotionally: understanding theory of mind, predicting multivariate outcomes, and recognizing social consequences.

While there are no published studies using our materials at this moment, video modeling is a teaching practice backed by over twenty years of research. Please visit our website to read more about how we designed our curriculum.

My school already has a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, how does this fit in?

The Social Learning Platform is a great addition to any current curriculum because it comes with so many materials and covers such a wide range of skills and goals. Use the video lessons, games, or printables as supplemental materials – we’re confident these will enhance or fit in all with the target learning areas of existing curriculums.

Do I need training? / Do you offer training?

The Social-Emotional Learning Platform has been designed to be extremely easy to use and user-friendly. All lessons are bundled in an easy-to-follow and ordered curriculum with clear user instructions on every single material. Our support center offers training videos and tutorials, and we have customer support ready to go 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!

If your district is interested in longer training, we do offer webinars. Please contact us to seek more information.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept bank/wire transfers.

For continental USA customers, we accept checks. To arrange offline payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our support team.

What does the free 30-day trial mean?

With our 30-day free trial, you get 100% full access to our Social Communications Curriculum for 30 days, without being charged a thing. If you feel the Social-Emotional Learning Platform isn’t for you, you can cancel your plan any time within 30 days from the date you signed up and not pay a cent.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Everyday Speech allows in-trial users to stop using the service at any time without charge, and paid users to cancel their paid plan at any time, with such cancellation taking effect at the next renewal date.

If you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to paid features until the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires, you will lose access to paid features.

Your ability to downgrade, adjust, or cancel your plan is subject to the Terms of Service or the applicable subscription agreement separately entered into by the parties.

More information can be found in our Terms of Service.

What's your refund policy?

At Everyday Speech, we strive to create quality software that you enjoy using in your teaching sessions. You have a number of choices and we appreciate you giving us your business. We have created this policy that details what we will do should we fail to meet your expectations.

Monthly Subscriptions. If at anytime during the first 60 days of using our service you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We will do our best to address your issue, provide a work around or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly offer you a full refund for your purchase.

Annual Subscriptions. Everyday Speech doesn’t force you into an annual subscription as a condition to use our services. We prefer to give you the flexibility to choose. In exchange for you signing up for an annual up-front commitment, we offer you a significant discount over the already-low monthly subscription cost. If at anytime during your first 60 days using our service you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We will do our best to address your issue, provide a work around or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly offer you a full refund for your purchase.

Auto-Renewal. For your convenience, your monthly and yearly subscriptions will auto-renew until you cancel the service. Every time before your subscription auto-renews, we will send an email specifying the amount that will be charged to your credit card. Similarly, after each renewal we will send you a receipt via e-mail specifying the amount that has been deducted together with the next renewal date and the next renewal amount.

We know that sometimes customers forget to cancel an account they no longer want until it is has already been charged. That’s why you can cancel your monthly/annual subscription even five business days after your renewal date, and we will still process your cancellation and give you a full refund.

For questions, please contact support.

Exception to our Refund Policy. Please note that we will not entertain a request for refund (whether full or prorated) when we have suspended or terminated your access to Everyday Speech’s Social-Emotional Learning Platform due to a violation of our Terms of Service.

What are your new plans and how much do they cost?

Basic (US$299.99/year or US$34.99/month) and Premium (US$399.99/year or US$49.99/month). To view our Australian pricing, please click here.


What is the difference between the new plans?

Both the Basic and Premium plans include full access to our step-by-step curriculum and entire library of videos, activities, and games! The Premium plan also includes premium student management, allowing you to manage progress for all your students.

Premium Plan: Premium student management

– Create unlimited Saved Lists

– Manage progress for unlimited students

– Send unlimited homework assignments

Basic plan: Limited student management

– Create two Saved Lists

– Manage progress for two students

– Assign two homework assignments per month

What if I want to keep my Complete Guided Therapy plan?

You can! As long as you do not cancel your Complete Guided Therapy subscription before August 9, 2021, you’ll renew at your current pricing for the year (through Fall 2022). Our Complete Guided Therapy plan is the same as our new Premium plan.

What if I want to keep my Videos Only plan?

You can! As long as you don’t cancel your account or switch your subscription to the Basic or Premium plan, your current Videos Only access and pricing will be locked in.

I have had a locked-in Videos Only rate (grandfathered rate) for many years. Will my pricing change?

As long as you don’t cancel your account or switch your subscription to the Basic or Premium plan, your current Videos Only access and pricing will be locked in.

I would like to upgrade from the Videos Only plan to the Premium plan!

Great! The Complete Guided Therapy plan is the same as our new Premium plan. If you upgrade to the Complete Guided Therapy plan before August 9, 2021, you can lock in our current pricing (US $299.99/year) for the 2021-22 school year, which saves you $100. You can upgrade your subscription from the Billing Portal. If your subscription is managed via purchase order, please contact our Support team at [email protected] to upgrade.

What if I pay for our subscription with a purchase order?

You can renew the same number of licenses and keep your current pricing by submitting this year’s purchase order by August 9, 2021! You can also purchase additional licenses at our current rate as long as you submit your purchase order by August 9th. If you will need more licenses than you had for the 2020-21 school year, only the new licenses will be billed at the 2021-22 rate.

What if I was considering cancelling my subscription but might come back later?

Consider putting your subscription on hold instead of cancelling it! When you return from your pause, your pricing will remain the same as it is now. If you cancel your subscription and come back after August 9, 2021, you will be billed at our prevailing rate.

I want to downgrade my subscription. Will I lose all my saved lists and student profiles?

If you decide to downgrade your subscription, you will be prompted to choose which two saved lists and student profiles you’d like to keep. However, all of your saved lists and student profiles will be archived for 90 days if you change your mind about the downgrade.

Can our district purchase a site license for the Basic plan?

We’d be happy to set up a call with you to discuss our site licensing plans! You may book a call here and a Sales Representative will meet with you at your preferred time!

When does the price increase come into effect?

The increase is effective August 9, 2021. When you renew your Complete Guided Therapy plan before August 9th, you’ll lock in your current pricing for the year and enjoy the benefits of our new Premium plan.

When you renew your Videos Only plan before August 9th, you’ll enjoy your current pricing for the year and maintain Videos Only access.

What if I have already paid up to the period past the new price effective date?

The new pricing only applies to invoices issued after August 9, 2021.

Who can I speak to about which plan is best for me?

You can reach out to our Support team with any questions you might have about our subscription plans!



What new content can I expect for the 2021-22 school year?

Pre-K & Kindergarten materials: All new pre-K and kindergarten curriculum and materials, developed specifically for younger learners

High school materials: Videos, activities, games, and Everyday Speech World experiences for high school students, including topics like dating and breakups, interviewing and jobs, and more!

New and revamped materials every month, as always!

Why did your prices increase?

We understand that our services can be a significant investment for educators who are paying out-of-pocket and for districts who may have tight budgets for social-emotional learning programs. We don’t take price increases lightly, which is why we will continue to honor our current pricing for existing customers. This means if you currently have an Everyday Speech subscription, your pricing will be unaffected by these new changes for the 2021-22 school year. Additionally, districts and schools who need to add new users may do so at the current rate of $299.99/user through August 9, 2021.

This price increase is necessary for us to support the growth of our team. We are passionate about creating high quality materials and experiences to help educators like you support your students. Over the years, this passion has helped us grow from a small collection of apps and videos into a curriculum-based platform with thousands of materials including videos, activities, and games for many age groups. We’re thankful to you, our community of users, who have made this possible and we aim to continue serving you by being the best, most robust digital social-emotional platform on the market.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

Our new Premium plan is highly recommended for educators and therapists with larger caseloads. On the Premium plan, you can create unlimited student profiles, groups, and Saved Lists – ideal for paperless lesson planning, creating IEP goals, and managing IEP goal progress. You can also send unlimited homework links.


Our new Basic plan is great for parents or educators who want to use our curriculum, but don’t need very many student profiles, groups, saved lists, and homework links.

If you need help deciding whether you need our student management features, you can always sign up and try our program for 30 days to help make your decision!

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