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Speech-Language Pathologist Brittany Brunell and her husband Cal, founded Everyday Speech in 2012 to bring innovative technology into social-emotional learning. Passionate about helping children experience the joy of social connectedness, they recognized a significant gap between research and existing resources.

Research continues to correlate video modeling with the greatest social and emotional improvements, but due to expense and time, video modeling didn’t fully exist in any commercial curriculum. So Brittany and Cal built the Social Learning Platform with the help of three Speech-Language Pathologists, a video and animation team, and a web development team. The result is the most comprehensive, video-based social skills curriculum on the global market.

By an SLP, for SLPs

Brittany Brunell, CCC-SLP Co-founder

Brittany Brunell, CCC-SLP, co-founded Everyday Speech in 2012. Brittany is responsible for all clinical content within Everyday Speech therapy materials. She has worked in public schools and currently sees clients in a private practice specializing in Social Skills treatment in Needham, MA.

Cal Brunell Co-founder

Cal co-founded Everyday Speech with Brittany in 2012. Prior to co-founding Everyday Speech, Cal worked as a market strategy consultant for a B2B tech consulting firm. At Everyday Speech, Cal oversees product development, marketing, and customer success.
Audra Schlehuber, CCC-SLP
Clinical Support
Carrie Driscoll, CCC-SLP
Lead SLP
Casey Hamilton, CCC-SLP
Clinical Support
Debbie Whitford
Customer Support
Eduardo Luiz da Silveira
Web Developer
Franklin Rios
Customer Support
Jacob Bronstein
Creative Director
Johnny Almeida
Web Developer
Kimberly Dy
Quality Assurance
Kristella Dy
Customer Service Lead
Lucia Lezama
Video Editor & Animator
Luiz Soares
iOS Developer
Mattia Melillo
Sales Director
Mo Godin
Head of Product
Nemanja Vucicevic
Web Developer
Tracy Mon
Games Lead