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Social Skills Video Lessons

Our videos contain contrasting behaviors, thought bubbles, visuals on screen and animations provide a unique tool you can’t find anywhere else! With different levels of content, you’ll find something for everyone on your caseload.

Video Features

  • 300+ videos
  • New videos every month of the school year
  • Companion worksheets for every video
  • 3 levels of video lessons for different skill levels
  • Visual teaching cues and animations to aid comprehension

Video Modeling

Learn basic skills through modeling of a target behavior. Each lesson teaches a single skill in a concise style using simple language.

Social Skills in Action

Using contrasting behaviors and thought bubbles, SSIA Videos provide opportunities for deeper understanding of others’ perspectives and the cause-and-effect of their actions.

Extension Lessons

Apply learned skills by completing tasks across a variety of contexts, all while promoting real life social interactions and problem solving skills.






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Our framework of Skills, Goals, and Objectives provides a quick and easy way to find the perfect material to complete your lesson.

Social Skills Videos - Skills You'll Learn

Video modeling is one of the most effective methods for teaching social skills to students in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and special needs classrooms. Incredibly engaging and interactive, videos not only hold your student's attention but also teaches them valuable social skills through example. Videos also can go places we can't in real life - including seeing others' thoughts and feelings.

Our social-emotional learning videos encompass a wide range of topics and social skillsets that learners use every day.

Our videos can be used to teach your students conversation skills, problem solving, empathy, situational awareness, and self-control. Show your students how to develop friendships and play skills, as well as relate to classmates and friends with these social skills videos.

We also offer video lessons that teach listening, non-verbal communication and the use of non-literal language.

Children (and adults) process videos much faster than text. So, instead of using the old conventional method of textbook learning, you can bring social skills to life through video modeling.

Help your students build valuable and essential social skills with these social-emotional learning videos developed by our experienced and passionate speech-language pathologists. With these social skills videos and the additional resources included with them, like games and worksheets, you can provide your students with a foundation for success.

Who Uses Social Skills Videos?

Anyone can use video modeling. The parties who most often use social skills videos, though, include:

  • Special educators & Diverse Learning Professionals: Teachers of children with disabilities, attention deficiencies, and other special needs can use these video lessons to impart essential social skills. These videos can help educators and their students immensely by building and improving critical skills, like communication and problem-solving.
  • School teachers: Teachers with students in kindergarten, elementary, middle, or even high school can use our courses to teach students social skills and prepare them for various social interactions.
  • Parents: Parents looking to teach their kids social-emotional life skill lessons at home or after school can use these videos too.
  • Private practices: A private practice or after-school program can also use these social-emotional life-skill video lessons to teach children various social skills

If you're a teacher or school based professional, Everyday Speech created these videos with you in mind.

Whether you’re teaching students in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, or special needs classes, you’ll find these top-notch video modeling courses useful. They'll help you save time by providing you with a pre-made lesson plan, and everything you need for a no-prep lesson, including companion worksheets and printable visuals.

These social-emotional learning videos can also give you the confidence that you're providing your students with a foundation for lifelong success.

How Much Do Social-Emotional Learning Videos Cost?

Our social-emotional learning videos, which come as part of a complete curriculum that includes videos, games, activities, and worksheets, cost $299.99 per school year. This price also includes a free one-month trial. If you're looking to access the social skills videos only, we offer a videos-only bundle. This bundle costs $199.99 per school year and includes a free one-month trial.

With your annual subscription, you’ll gain access to the most comprehensive collection of online social skills videos.

Monthly subscriptions are also available, with the full curriculum costing $34.99 per month and the videos-only curriculum costing $24.99 per month.

The videos are unique - written, filmed, and edited by us - you won’t find this collection of more than 400 videos anywhere else!

We also continue to develop and add new videos and lesson units every month, which you can access at any time with your subscription. Teach your students throughout the year with live-action videos, animated explainer videos, games, printable worksheets, and provide them with valuable skills that they'll take to the next grade level.

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