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What Happens If We Don’t Wait

It can be very hard to wait. If we don’t keep safe hands while we wait, it can make others feel upset or get us into trouble.

Pair the Synonym

Complete the word list below, by placing the correct words from the word box to the matching synonym.

Making Comments
fill in the blank
Nose Picking Hygiene

Fill in the blank for nose-picking hygiene skills.

fill in the blank
life skills

hand wash


at a job

Making Friends

I can make friends use appropriate language.

fill in the blank
Behaviors – Expected and Unexpected

You are working on deciding if a behavior is expected (acceptable) or if it is unexpected (unacceptable) in each situation. Example: running at PE is expected, not running in hall

Good Hygiene

Students will be able to determine between good hygiene and poor hygiene.

Size of the Problem Matching

Match each problem to the correct size. SMALL: Something annoying or frustrating. MEDIUM: Need help quickly or someone is breaking minor rules BIG: Emergency. Needs an adult

Asking Questions

This strategy involves readers asking themselves questions throughout the reading of a text.

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