Working in Groups

Working in Groups

When we work in a group, there are a few things we have to do. We have to work together, listen to each other, and all do some of the work. That way your project can be a success!
Voice-over: These students have a group project for social studies. Let’s see how they work together. First, they need to pick their topic.

Girl 1: Okay guys, we can either do our project on the continents or on the world’s oceans.

Boy: I vote we work on the continents. We can all pick a couple to work on. It seems like a good way to get it done.

Girl 2: I like that idea.

Voice-over: They all worked together to accomplish the goal of picking a topic. They listened to each other’s ideas and picked the option that worked best for everyone, not just one person. Let’s watch them divide up the work.

Girl 2: Great! So now we need to decide who does what.

Girl 1: Well, I’m really into art. So maybe I could draw illustrations of all the different continents.

Boy: I’m not an artist, so maybe me and Liz can type up some facts about each one. Does that sound good?

Girl 2: Sure!

Voice-over: They did a nice job of using their interests and skills to decide who will work on each part. No one argued or tried to get their own way. They are doing what’s best for the whole team. Now let’s watch as they put the project together.

Boy: This looks good.

Girl 2: Where do you think we should put the explanation? Under the drawing or on the next page?

Girl 1: I think we should put it under the drawing, what do you guys think?

Boy: I think it looks great! I think we’re finished.

Voice-over: That was great teamwork. Everyone left feeling happy. When working together with a group, it’s important to listen to each other, share the work, and communicate. Not just one person was in charge. Everyone worked together as a team!