Video modeling is the gold-standard for teaching social skills

Everyday Speech videos include age-appropriate characters and relatable social situations to teach a wide variety of social skills. Visual supports are also used to support a learner’s understanding of key information.

Train new social cognition patterns

Our videos help students understand how their actions impact others and how to deal with different social situations.

Put social skills into action

Contrasting behaviors and thought bubbles in our videos give students a window into others’ thoughts and feelings to better understand the consequences of their actions.

Reinforce with activities

Companion worksheets and activities for every video promote real-life social interactions and problem-solving skills across a variety of contexts.

Explore the largest social-skills video library on the market

With over 500 videos and more added every month, you’ll find something for everyone on your caseload.

Over 25,000 educators, 2,500 school districts, and 1,600 organizations across the globe use Everyday Speech

Explore our other types of materials

Practice new skills and rehearse behavior strategies with our fun games including Quiz Show, Tic Tac Moji, Bingo, and more!

Over 1,000 worksheets and interactive activities for students to practice skills both in-person and virtually.