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By Brittany Lehane October 27, 2015

Our Social Skills Videos Playlist on YouTube.

Our Social Skills Videos Playlist on YouTube. Click the image to watch!

Hi everyone! Hope the school year got off to a great start and everyone is enjoying the fall. We have been hard at work here at Everyday Speech. Over the summer we added 40 new video lessons to our social skills videos library. Now we have a total of 80 videos to use with all ranges of abilities and ages.

Some of my favorite videos we added are:

  • Making Connected Comments– This video teaches topic maintenance in a fun way. We were super excited to play around with animations and visuals for our new videos.  In this video, we used the visual of puzzle pieces to show that your comments have to fit together.
  • Seeing Someone Else’s Side– We made two of these videos, one for younger students and one for junior and high school levels, because perspective taking can be such a hard concept. In the past I struggled to find activities and ways to teach seeing things from another person’s view because it is so abstract. Hopefully these videos will give a new way to teach this skill by viewing the different perspectives of the characters in the video.
  • Think It or Say It– A lot of us are working on teaching students to filter the things they can say and things they should not. These videos are a lot of fun as well due to the animations of a brain that pops up for “think it” and a mouth for “say it”.

The best part is we’ve put these videos on YouTube for free! Check them out here.

New Videos Worksheets

I recently created worksheets to accompany each video lesson. I wanted something tangible for slps and teachers to be able to give students while they watch the videos. Here are what the worksheets look like:

Our Making Connected Comments worksheet

Our Making Connected Comments worksheet

Our Think It or Say It worksheet

Our Think It or Say It worksheet

They start with an introduction on the skill to refresh the importance in your student’s heads. Next you can go through some quick comprehension questions to make sure the students understand the big takeaway messages of the video. The fun part is every worksheet ends with a different activity. Some may be rearranging a conversational exchange to make sure it makes sense or others have questions to prompt discussions. You can see from the two examples above that in the first one, Making Connected Comments, students are asked to match which puzzle pieces have comments that go together. The second worksheets is used with our Think It or Say It video and asks students to brainstorm a list of topics they should or should not say.

Ways to Use these Worksheets

I like to hand out the worksheets at the beginning of the lesson to introduce the skill we will be working on. Since all of the worksheets begin with an explanation of the target skill you can start by reading that first section. Next I like to show my students the comprehension questions and tell them they will be answering the following questions after the video. Then we start the video! My students usually get pretty excited to be watching movies in class so this makes for a pretty fun activity. Take as much time watching the videos as your students need. I usually pause to talk about certain characters and their actions and even rewatch parts. After you’ve watched the video you can use the worksheets to review the material and see what your students have retained. They are a great jumping off point for more discussions or questions your students may have.

I hope you and your students enjoy using these worksheets along with our social skills video lessons! Like I said, we have  sample videos on our website and YouTube if anyone wants to try out the videos, along with more freebies and information on our apps. To learn more about our videos check out the main video page here. Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterPinterest, and like us on Facebook!

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