The Best Websites to Find Therapy Materials

By Brittany Lehane November 20, 2013

Cooking Topic Board

Cooking Topic Board

Today I’m thinking about the endless search for new materials. Specifically, how much time I spend looking for or making materials and how I could be making better use of that time. Every minute I spend looking for the right materials is a minute I can’t spend focusing on my clients.

One of the best parts of chatting with our SLP friends or coworkers is being able to share resources. Whatever setting we are in, we have a team of professionals to collaborate with. The list of resources below came from my experience and what I’ve learned from colleagues. They help me find materials without wasting hours searching (because who has extra hours let alone minutes in their day?).


    • Teachers Pay Teachers is an open marketplace for educators to share, find, and be paid for selling their resources. Membership is free. It is a good place to find pre-made lessons, activities, and worksheets at various grade levels. I use it to find curriculum related materials when working with students on literacy and language skills. They offer free downloads and “sale” items which are pretty cheap. When I search for materials I include “SLP” in the search terms. This helps me find pre-made artic games, visuals to go along with stories, and organizational/data material.


    • Boardmaker Share is another site full of pre-made materials. This is a great place to find Mayer Johnson visuals already made up. I love to use this site because it is free and I know I’ll find something useful because I make Mayer Johnson visuals all the time. You can search different categories, which include: School Curriculum, Life Skills, Communication, Therapy Tools, Teacher Tools, and Cognitive Skills. Hello!! This is basically everything that I need. You can also search by grade level which helps you find appropriate materials for each student’s’ level. Free and easy, this is my go-to.


    • Smart Board Exchange  is another favorite of mine to use at my high school. Luckily, I have Smart Boards available in the classrooms I work in. The Smart Board Exchange offers both “premium” and free interactive lessons, but I’ve found the free lessons work just fine for me. I use the Special Education category the most, but other categories like ELA are useful to work on grade level/curriculum related material, like vocabulary. The best part about these lessons is that the touch screens really engage students; moving words around on a screen is much more fun than writing them on a worksheet.


    • News2You  provides news articles that are symbol supported with pictures. You can also find games, worksheets, and activities. This is a site that you have to subscribe to (sadly not free). My employer has bought a subscription for all of the therapists and teachers. I like this resource because the articles come in four different levels of difficulty. They send you weekly articles as well as related games, puzzles, and activities, including jokes and recipes. Additionally, you can search for target words that align the articles to Common Core Standards in ELA and Math.


  • Pinterest differs from the above resources because it is not a place to find and download materials but it is useful for inspiration (shameless plug: follow us on Pinterest here!). I browse the site when I am feeling particularly uncreative or if I want to include a craft in a lesson (because crafty is one thing I am not). I look for ideas for activities, visuals, or crafts, and I usually include “SLP” or “special education” in the search. I’ve found this helps me get right to the speech materials that I’m looking for. Unfortunately, you need to recreate the awesome materials that you see.



Some of our Twitter friends gave us some suggestions so we’re adding them below. Feel free to give us more resources you use. We’re happy to grow the list and increase knowledge of what is out there.

  • PediaStaff’s resource page offers free materials for speech, OT, PT, School based Psychology, and multidisciplinary special ed, as well as advocacy resources. You can search their site by discipline, diagnosis, or therapy. I find this site most useful to find articles relating to different types of therapy. The website can also be used to find jobs and blog articles.

  • Speechie Freebies is a blog full of awesome free resources. Speech pathologists post games, worksheets, and visuals for anyone to use, print, or download. Users can search the site or its blog posts. All of the materials are posted by a group of therapists who have been selected by the website’s creator. This ensures that the materials are made by a certified SLP and not by just anyone.

  • Speaking of Speech is a forum where therapists and teachers can exchange resources and ideas. They have a materials page with many free resources including therapy games/worksheets, an IEP goal bank with suggestions on goals in 9 categories,and lesson plans written out for you. You can also find pre-made data sheets. Users collaborate through message boards which are separated by topic (preschool, medical/clinical, and apps/technology). There is another forum for therapists looking to trade or sell resources such as books, games, or other materials.

Where do you find your therapy materials? Let us know! Tweet to us here and sign up for our mailing list to stay updated with our latest therapy tips, app announcements, and blog posts.  Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest and like us on Facebook!

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Tracy says . It's intended for teachers of ELL students, but I have found lots of goodies on there that I can use for speech therapy with a little creativity. Especially check out the flashcards tab!

Tracy says

Oh, and I love ! Great freebies!

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