Taking a Break to Calm Down

Taking a Break to Calm Down

Bobby is struggling with a worksheet. He gets angrier and angrier until he explodes and rips his paper. His actions disrupted the rest of the class. When Bobby tries again, he realizes he is starting to get upset and uses his strategies to calm down. After he takes a deep breath, he starts to feel better.
Voice-over: It’s important to understand our own feelings. When we feel stressed or angry, it can feel like we are getting hot or upset in our stomach. Once we know that we are getting upset, we can learn strategies to calm down. Let’s watch what happens when Bobby doesn’t use a strategy to calm down.

Bobby: Come on! I can't do it.

Voice-over: What happened there? How does Bobby feel?

Bobby: I can't finish this worksheet and I've two more to do.

Voice-over: Bobby feels very stressed. He lost control and ripped his paper. How did this make others around him feel?

Girl 1: Why is Bobby yelling? We're not supposed to yell in school.

Girl 2: He’s really distracting, I don’t like that.

Voice-over: They feel upset and distracted. Bobby needs to recognize when he is feeling stressed. That way, he can take a break to calm down. Let’s watch Bobby try again.

Bobby: Urgh…Come on! I have so much to do! How am I gonna finish it all? I need to stop and think. When I’m feeling stressed, I can take a break. I usually feel better after that. Can I take a break please?

Teacher: Of course!

Voice-over: That time, Bobby took a minute to think. He knew he felt stressed out. Then he thought about what helps him when he feels stressed out. He asked to take a break, so he could calm down. That way he didn’t lose control and yell. When we use our strategies, we can avoid losing control and feel much better!