Social Skills Video: Taking Turns in Conversation

By Brittany Lehane October 7, 2015

This blog post is one in a series of entries outlining our social skills videos. Our social skills video library is up to 80 videos, each focusing on a social interaction that children and young adults has to face on a daily basis. All videos compare expected and unexpected behavior and show internal thoughts to get the perspective of everyone involved. Videos can be viewed on all your devices, including PC’s, Mac’s, iPad and Android tablets, and smartphones. To learn more about our social skills video library, head over to our main Social Skills Videos page.

6 - Taking Turns In Conversation_55Owen tries to tell Johnny about his trip to Florida but Johnny doesn’t let Owen speak. Johnny talks over him which makes Owen feel bad. Johnny needs to remember to take turns in conversation.

Use Taking Turns in Conversation

This video focuses on what can happen if you do all the talking. We show the consequence that it will make others feel bad or annoyed. We also introduce the idea that conversations are like playing catch. You have to go back and forth each turn. I’ve even had students throw a ball back to forth to get the idea. I usually tell them that the ball will drop if the conversation starts. The visual really helps them understand this idea.

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