Social Skills Video: Keeping Personal Space

By Brittany Lehane October 7, 2015

This blog post is one in a series of entries outlining our social skills videos. Our social skills video library is up to 80 videos, each focusing on a social interaction that children and young adults has to face on a daily basis. All videos compare expected and unexpected behavior and show internal thoughts to get the perspective of everyone involved. Videos can be viewed on all your devices, including PC’s, Mac’s, iPad and Android tablets, and smartphones. To learn more about our social skills video library, head over to our main Social Skills Videos page.

27 - Keeping Personal Space_19Johnny doesn’t understand that personal space is important. He sits very close to Owen, making Owen feel uncomfortable. Once he gives Owen personal space, they have a successful interaction!

Use Keeping Personal Space

There is a great way for students to quickly learn about personal space. Simply get as close as possible to them (or ask another student to if you feel uncomfortable) and start talking. They usually back right up! When a teacher invades personal space it can be even more uncomfortable than other peers. Now that they have experienced it, they can work on their own awareness and practicing giving other people enough space. I like to role play and tell students to show what too much or too little space looks like.

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