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Goals included in the
Conversation Topics unit:
  • Making Connected Comments
    Making Connected Comments
  • Topic Radar(How to Pick the Topic)
    Topic Radar
  • Topic Surfing(Shifting the Topic)
    Topic Surfing
  • Think It or Say It(Using a Filter)
    Think It or Say It
  • The Two W's(Making Small Talk)
    The Two W's

The Conversation Topics unit includes 44 videos, 59 activities and 11 games!

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What will students learn in the Conversation Topics unit?

Knowing what to talk about is a huge part of having good conversations. Everyday Speech offers a full Conversation Topics unit containing multiple lessons with video modeling, games, and activities designed to help children become more confident, comfortable conversationalists. Children will learn how to stay on topic through making connected comments, picking a topic, shifting to a new topic, using a conversational filter and making small talk with others.

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