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The largest collection on the market:

Social Skills Video Lessons

Our videos contain contrasting behaviors, thought bubbles, visuals on screen and animations provide a unique tool you can’t find anywhere else! With different levels of content, you’ll find something for everyone on your caseload.

Video Features

  • 300+ videos
  • New videos every month of the school year
  • Companion worksheets for every video
  • 3 levels of video lessons for different skill levels
  • Visual teaching cues and animations to aid comprehension

Video Modeling

Learn basic skills through modeling of a target behavior. Each lesson teaches a single skill in a concise style using simple language.

Social Skills in Action

Using contrasting behaviors and thought bubbles, SSIA Videos provide opportunities for deeper understanding of others’ perspectives and the cause-and-effect of their actions.

Extension Lessons

Apply learned skills by completing tasks across a variety of contexts, all while promoting real life social interactions and problem solving skills.


No Prep Activities

With hundreds of activities, including printable, no-prep lessons & worksheets and therapy ideas updated weekly, you’ll never lose time looking for material again!

Activity Features

  • 200+ worksheets
  • New worksheets added weekly
  • Pre-made visuals relating back to Everyday Speech Concepts
  • Printable board games for fun group sessions
  • One page printouts for quick review

Quick Activity

One page worksheets work great for an instant activity during a session or as a closing activity to review what you’ve learned.

Entire Session

Never search a *certain* therapy materials site again! Our Premium Packets are full activities, complete with an introduction, skill-building exercises, visual teaching tools, homework and review, and a printable poster to refer back to.

New & Expanded:

Interactive Games

Adding in a bit of cooperative or competitive fun, our online games are an engaging, interactive teaching tool.

Game Features

  • Single and multiplayer games available
  • Fully functional on computers and tablets
  • New games added monthly
  • Modify settings to fit your students’ needs

Play Solo

One player games provide an opportunity for social interaction even when there isn’t a group available

Work as a Group

Collaborate to drive conversations, solve problems, create emojis while working together as a team.

Go Head-to-Head

For those that love a competition, play as a class to figure out which team learned the most!

Working Together as a System

Using a shared foundation based on Everyday Speech social skills concepts, our videos, worksheets, and games reinforce each other to build skills.


Introduce lessons with a video, move to practicing skills with worksheets and premium packets, and see students apply what they’ve learned in our online games.





Our framework of Skills, Goals, and Objectives provides a quick and easy way to find the perfect material to complete your lesson.



Jump from videos to games and worksheets all in one app


All content is tagged with the appropriate age and skill level, so no wondering if content fits your students’ needs


Content is organized into three levels: Skill, Goal & Objective, so you can get as granular as you need


Create your own lists, so the material you love is never more than a click away


The Social Learning Platform works on any computer, laptop, or iPad. With offline video viewing, you’ll have access to your material anywhere you go

Therapy Tools

Therapy Guides

Get specific insights, therapy ideas, and activity recommendations from our lead SLP so you can pick up our lessons and know how to use them quickly!

Data Tracking +
Pre-and Post Assessments

Find the material you want - based on the target skills, level, and age of your students. We’ve done the work for you, so you can jump right in!

Therapy Progressions

Know what skills to work on next with our therapy progressions and tracks.

Interactive Lists

We’ve organized therapy materials into interactive lists based on target skills and difficulty level, so you can jump right in!