Full Curriculum Hygiene Understanding Hygiene

Understanding Hygiene

Our personal hygiene has important social implications that can impact students of all ages. Students will learn how to judge their own hygiene against a basic standard. General upkeep and manners are discussed in relation to sneezing, washing hands, brushing teeth, and washing hair.

Sample Video:

Covering When You Sneeze

SOCIAL SKILLS IN ACTION (SSIA) – When Madison has to sneeze, she uses her hands, then goes back to using the iPad. Jack wanted to use the iPad but now doesn’t feel like it. When she tries again, she uses her elbow to cover to nose and mouth and then washes her hands. See how Jack’s reaction is different!

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Narrator: There are certain parts of our hygiene we should always remember. (How’s my hygiene icon appears.) This includes what we do when we sneeze. When we sneeze, we can spread germs. The best way to not spread germs is to cover your sneeze, by sneezing into your elbow or a tissue. We can wash our hands after to be extra sure we aren’t spreading germs. Let’s see what happens when Madison doesn’t cover her sneeze with her elbow.


<SCENE 1 Classroom>

(Girl 1 and boy 1 in the classroom. Girl 1 is using the computer and boy 1 is writing on his notebook.)

Madison: (sneezes into her hands and went back into using the keyboard) Okay, I’m done with the iPad.

Jack: Ah… no, thanks.I don’t need it anymore.


Narrator: How did Jack feel when Madison sneezed into her hands and touched the keyboard? Let’s see what he’s thinking.


Jack: (internal thought) I don’t want to use the iPad after Madison sneezed into her hands and touched the keyboard. That’s gross!


Narrator: Jack feels grossed out. Madison sneezed into her hands and went back to using the keyboard spreading germs. Jack doesn’t want to use the same keyboard now. Madison needed to think about her hygiene and how spreading germs makes others feel. Let’s watch her cover her sneeze with her elbow.


<SCENE 1 Classroom>

Madison: (sneezes covering it with her elbow, stands up and goes to the washroom, comes back to continue working on computer) Alright. I’m all done with the iPad now.

Jack: Thank you! 


Narrator: Madison did a great job thinking about her hygiene and others. (Hygiene icon appears.) She knew that sneezing into her hands would spread germs and make her classmates feel uncomfortable (uncomfortable icon appears). Madison showed us how to cover a sneeze with her elbow. She also used hand sanitizer after to clean her hands. Spreading germs can make other people feel uncomfortable, so always remember you can cover using your elbow or a tissue.


Companion Worksheet:

Every video comes with a companion worksheet for students to review what they just learned. This helps assess comprehension and promote generalization by reinforcing the concepts covered in the video.

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