Seeing Someone Else's Side

Seeing Someone Else's Side

Kate accidentally steps on Mike's sneakers, and Mike gets very upset. Kate doesn't understand why Mike is so upset, because it's just an accident. Mike doesn't understand why Kate doesn't care. When it happens again, they think about the other person's side - Kate knows these are Mike's favorite sneakers, so she apologizes. Mike understands it was just an accident, and it's no big deal.
Voice-over: Everyone has different thoughts and feelings. Every problem has two sides. How you feel about it and how the other person feels. If we have a problem or a disagreement with someone, it’s important to try to think about how they feel. Let’s see what happens when Mike and Kate don’t see each other’s side.

Mike: Hey Kate, come look at this drawing I made. Ow!

Kate: Sorry.

Mike: What’d you do that for? These are my favorite shoes.

Kate: Jeeze, chill out. It was an accident.

Mike: It doesn’t matter. Don’t touch my sneakers.

Voice-over: Mike and Kate got pretty upset at each other. Let’s see what they’re thinking.

Mike: She stepped on my sneaker and then didn’t even care. She knows I love these shoes. Now they’re ruined.

Kate: It was just an accident. I barely touched his sneakers.

Voice-over: Mike and Kate are both upset and aren’t taking the time to think about the other person’s view. They are only thinking from their side. They both need to stop and think: how does the other person feel? Do they feel differently than I do? Let’s watch them try again.

Mike: Hey Kate, come look at this drawing I made. Ow!

Kate: Whoops!

Mike: Why did she do that? These are my favorite sneakers. Let me think for a second. Kate’s my friend. I don’t think she would do something like that on purpose. I guess my sneakers are fine. It’s not a big problem.

Kate: I accidentally stepped on Mike’s sneaker. I didn’t mean to, but I know they are Mike’s favorite sneakers. I should say sorry. I'm sorry about your sneakers. I didn't mean to do that.

Mike: It’s OK. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. I can just clean it when I get home.

Voice-over: That time, Mike and Kate took the time to think about the other person’s view. They thought about how the other person feels and were able to solve their problem. If you have a disagreement, remember to think about the other person’s feelings. What are they thinking? That way you can solve the problem.