Practice and generalize new skills with interactive games

Online games are an interactive way for students to practice applying skills in novel situations. You can use new games to reinforce what you’ve taught that day, or revisit old favorites as a motivating break.

Multiple game modes

Students can play individually during solo work time, on teams for whole-class engagement, or even head-to-head for some fun competition!

Set the right pace

Our games give you the choice between basic or advanced mode, making them appropriate for students of all skill levels.

Play from anywhere

Students can practice their skills with engaging games that can be played from school or home.

Games reinforce learning with a dash of fun!

From interactive online games to printable board games and card games, Everyday Speech games promote skill mastery through excitement and engagement.

Over 14,000 educators, 2,500 school districts, and 1,600 organizations across the globe use Everyday Speech

“I love how it is organized by section so I can easily find materials and then mark them off once I use them with a group. I also love how there are games that go along with the lessons, which makes it fun for the kids.”

  • Cassidy Cabral, M.S CCC-SLP

“I love the videos that can be paused and discussed with my students , that is so powerful in a world where social communication is so fast paced! They are so engaged when playing the games and learning at the same time! They often ask for “Build-an-Emoji” (one of their favorites). When I give a choice for the last few minutes of therapy your games are usually their choice!! Thanks for a great product!”

  • Claire Rice-Fenstermaker, MACCC – Speech/Language Pathologist

“I finally had a chance to try the new Social Learning Platform and it is amazing! I LOVE it! It’s so easy to navigate to get exactly what I need for my students. I love how clear the objectives are and how well they illustrate the targeted skill! I love the games, both the printable and the online games. This new platform is very well organized and so much easier to use!.”

  • Terrie Livingston, M.Ed

Other Material Types

Videos help your students quickly learn and generalize skills with realistic situations, relatable actors, and thought bubbles that reveal each character’s perspective.

Over 1,000 worksheets and interactive activities let students practice skills both in-person and virtually.