October’s Newest Social Skills Videos!

By Cal Brunell October 16, 2017

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Hey there! Hope your October is going well. We’ve got some brand new social skills videos for you!

Before we get started, there’s been a bit of confusion over the different video types. Here are some quick facts to clear that up:

  • Our traditional videos with contrasting behaviors and thought bubbles are called Social Skills In Action.
  • We have two other video types – Activities, which are more advanced game type videos with less context, and Modeling, which are straightforward demonstrations of skills, more for beginners.
  • Social Skills in Action videos are still being made, and are still the main focus of the library

Hope that helps! Let us know if you still have questions.

October’s New Social Skills Videos

Alright, let’s get to it!

Social Skills in Action



Britt’s Tips

Best Practices From Our Resident SLP
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Hey everyone and happy October!

Now that the back to school craziness has died down, I’m hoping you’ve had a chance to use some of our new videos! We’re introducing many new concepts and I love hearing everyone’s feedback. It’s so cool to see everything we worked on this summer come to life! This month we’re releasing new concepts, Background Brief and Read the Room.

Background Brief is a concept teaching how to include all of the key information when we tell a narrative or story. This teaches how to tell a simple story so students can engage in conversations. Telling someone what we did over the weekend or about a vacation is a seemingly simple action that can be really difficult for our social learners! The Background Brief is made up of four parts: the who, what, when, and where you’re talking about. We show what happens if you don’t include each part – your listener will be confused. Then, we model a connected and complete story and show how successful the interaction was!

Read the Room is another new concept for our videos this month. It helps students learn how to use situational awareness to stop and notice what’s happening and adjust their behavior to fit what’s appropriate in this moment.

We teach students to stop, observe what’s going on, and to think about the situation – what’s happening at this point in time and what do they usually do. This helps them take the next step to think about their actions and how to best match the situation.

Our activity is made up of video scenes where the main character is looking to either join a group, show a friend a video, or ask someone for help. They must look around the room, notice what’s going on, and select the best person or way to get what they want. Your students can help them along the way by using their observation skills and predicting what might happen!

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Karen Kruse says

I like these concepts as well as their visual representation! Visual images are something I've tried to incorporate as a "hook" for students as I find that some other materials are heavy on words but short on visual representation, and most of these learners are visual! Are these images ("read the room" and "background brief") and/or other similar ones available as a PDF for us to share with our students? I have an idea for a more expanded visual curriculum that I think would work great and would be happy to share with you.

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