November’s Newest Social Skills Videos!

By Cal Brunell November 15, 2017


Hey there! Hope your November is going well. We’ve got some brand new social skills videos for you!

It was awesome to meet a bunch of you at ASHA! For our first show, things went pretty well!

After speaking with many of you, I wanted to reiterate again the difference between the videos types:

  • Our traditional videos with contrasting behaviors and thought bubbles are called Social Skills In Action.
  • We have two other video types – Activities, which are game type videos with less context, and Modeling, which are straightforward demonstrations of skills, more for beginners.
  • Social Skills in Action videos are still being made, and are still the main focus of the library.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you still have questions.

A Quick Question

Social Learning Platform Screenshot
First look at our new platform! Don’t mind the text & images, they are placeholder!

We’re already prepping for next year! We’re creating an entirely new website and app to watch videos! There’s a TON of new features, and you’ll be able to access all our videos, worksheets, and games in one place! We’ll also have advanced discovery tools, and the ability to create your own playlists, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

If you’re interested in helping us shape the product, answer this one question surveyYou can also sign up to get early access and help us beta test (optional).

There will be more info on this product in the coming months!

November’s New Social Skills Videos

Alright, let’s finally get to it!

Social Skills in Action



Britt’s Tips

Best Practices From Our Resident SLP

Hi everyone! We’ve had a whirlwind of a fall, traveling to California multiple times for presentations and just getting back from ASHA last week. It was so amazing to meet so many Everyday Speech users! That was the best part of the convention for us, getting to know more customers and hearing how you guys use our video lessons. You guys are so awesome we truly appreciate you so much!!! Let’s get into the new videos ?

New Videos in November

Social Skills in Action

Condescending Tone of Voice – This video focuses on how using a condescending tone can make others feel bad. Students can role play along with the video and work on using different pitches and tones of voice!

Joining an Ongoing Conversation – We introduce a new concept in this video- the Conversation Stoplight. This helps students see when they have the “green light” to join in a conversation. When others are in the middle of talking they have a red light.

Listening to Friend’s Ideas – This video is all about playing with others and doing what’s fair for the group. One person doesn’t get to pick everything, that wouldn’t be fair. We should think about others and what is best for the group.

Rules Don’t Apply to You – This is another lesson to add to our collection on playing games with others. This video is intended for kiddos who get very upset when others don’t follow rules, but don’t exactly follow the rules themselves. This is a great opportunity to work on perspective taking.


Our newest modeling videos focus on school behavior by modeling how to show respect to teachers and how to use deep breathing as a strategy to calm down. This can be used with our latest collection of self-regulation videos.


Fork in the Road- Conversation Drivers & Stoppers – This activity is one of our new Fork in the Road games, using the familiar concept of Conversation Drivers & Stoppers. We use the “Social Fork” as a way to contrast behaviors and ask students to infer which path will lead to a positive outcome.

We hope you and your students love these new video lessons as much as we do! As always let us know what types of lessons and skills you want to see and keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of fun stuff added to our website!

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all!

Happy Watching,
Brittany and Cal

P.S. – have you seen our new game, Build-a-Moji? This was a hit at ASHA last week. Check it out for a super addicting game working on emotions!

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