New Social Skills Videos Coming Out Each Month!

By Brittany Lehane February 10, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are settling into 2016 with renewed energy and not too much snow for our east coasters! Over the holidays we were busy filming new videos and coming up with some new ideas including the worksheet creator tool on our website and Material Mix Monday – a weekly email delivering you top worksheets created by our community of SLPs. To sign up for MMM, go here.

New Videos Coming Each Month!

In the spirit of continually growing materials we are going to add new videos to our library every month! From now until the end of the school year, you’ll see 3-5 new videos each month! I wanted to give you a guys a look into the first batch because I’m so excited about them. We’ve added some new features this time around such as Social Shorts and fun animations (check in next month to see the new animated videos)!

If you don’t have access to our videos – we recently added a 100% free, unlimited free trial! It’s a great way for you to figure out if the videos are a fit for you! You can watch all our videos from any of your devices, as well as get access to our companion worksheets free for 30 days. If you like the videos, you can stay subscribed, and if they aren’t for you, just cancel within the first 30 days and you won’t pay a penny!

To sign up, visit this link.

Alright, enough of that stuff. On to the videos!

Video 1: Handling Embarrassment

This video teaches what embarrassment feels like and shows an embarrassing situation; a student reads in front of the class and messes up on a word. Unfortunately some students laugh at her so she is faced with the decision to either freak out and run away or handle it and keep going. We emphasize that everyone feels embarrassed sometimes and we all need to learn how to handle it. By taking a deep breath, staying calm, and thinking positive thoughts you can get through these tough moments and handle them in a socially acceptable way. Enjoy some acting by yours truly in the role of the teacher (our professional student actors really put me to shame).

Scene from Handling Embarrassment

Scene from Handling Embarrassment

Video 2: White Lie

In White Lie we teach the concept of sparing someone’s feelings rather than being brutally honest. Students may not understand this gray area if they are black and white thinkers and feel that honesty is good and lying=bad. To help teach this tricky topic we show the main character Jeff who is super excited about going camping. Unfortunately his friend Mike is not interested in camping and lets him know. We point out that Mike should observe Jeff and see how excited he is about camping. When we’re talking to someone we should go along with the convo and act as if we are interested too, even if we are not. This is one of those things we do to be social do without even thinking about it; we mirror other people and act like we care to be polite. Mike doesn’t need to actually like camping but he should engage in the conversation and say something simple like “That sounds cool” so he doesn’t hurt Mike’s feelings. We emphasize that not being 100% honest is better than hurting someone.

Scene from White Lie

Scene from White Lie

Introducing Social Shorts

These are quick clips, about one-two minutes long, that focus on a skill and break down the steps. We wanted to offer an alternative to the longer videos that compare expected and unexpected situations. There are some situations where showing contrasting behaviors isn’t a great fit, or there may be times when you want to quickly model a skill. That’s where Social Shorts come in! These would be great to use for students with lower cognition because they are less complex than our longer videos. You could even use these in addition to the longer videos during a lesson for social skill groups.

Social Short 1: Introducing Yourself to a Peer

This social short is very straightforward. We show how students can introduce themselves to someone their age. Our narrator tells each step in order and we see students modeling each step. The short finishes by reviewing the steps at the end.

Social Short- Introducing Yourself to a Peer

Social Short- Introducing Yourself to a Peer

Social Short 2: What are They Thinking About?

In this social short, we teach how to use our eyes to observe others. In our first scene Mike and Jeff are talking but Mike is looking down at his watch. Jeff gets the feeling that Mike is not paying attention so he uses his eyes to find the clues! By putting together the clues of Mike looking at his watch and it being the end of the school day, Jeff realizes Mike has to get somewhere on time. In the last scene we let the audience decide what Jeff is thinking about when he walks up to a closet, sees Mike standing in front of it, and ponders how to get in the closet. This is a fun way to practice our social detective skills!

Scene from What are They Thinking About?

Scene from What are They Thinking About?

We hope you like these new additions! As always feel free to contact us with any comments-what do you like about the new videos or what do you want to see in social shorts? We’re adding more videos all the time and want to create materials most useful for you! If you haven’t subscribed to our video library yet, check out the 30 day free trial here.  As always follow us on TwitterPinterest, and like us on Facebook for the newest info on our tools, tech, & therapy ideas!

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