New Social Skill Video Lessons for May!

By Brittany Lehane May 9, 2016

Accepting Criticism

Sarah has a hard time accepting her teacher's criticism

Sarah has a hard time accepting her teacher’s criticism

We tried to accomplish two things with this video. One, we wanted to teach why people might criticize us. We show that the underlying reason is that they want to help you get better at something. Secondly, we wanted to show how to handle it. Yes- it does not feel good but if you freak out about it now you’ve created a separate problem.

In this video Sarah’s teacher helps her with a paper but all she hears is this is terrible and freaks out. We point out that Sarah has turned her small problem into bigger one. We teach that if you stay calm and think about the situation, you make this situation positive and even get better at something!

Acting Like a Friend

Liz realizes that Bobby is not acting like a friend

Liz realizes that Bobby is not acting like a friend

In this video, we show how it feels to be around a friend who doesn’t treat you well compared to how it feels to be around friends that make you feel good. We thought of the idea because a lot of parents have said their kids have trouble recognizing when they are being treated poorly or they think everyone is their friend. It takes all kids time to learn about friendships, especially because they can be complicated like all relationships.

Acting Like a Friend breaks down behaviors that good friends do such as listening, helping, and sharing as well as points out the signs that will help you tell when someone is not being a good friend. This video makes me excited because it can lead to more discussions such as what to do if someone isn’t being a good friend to you or how to know if you’re being a good friend. The self monitoring of one’s own actions to friends is just as important!

Keeping a Secret

Sarah does not keep Kate's secret...

Sarah does not keep Kate’s secret…

Keeping a Secret was another really fun video to shoot! We wanted to show the consequences of breaking someone’s trust and chose a context that often causes a lot of drama in teen years; a school dance.

There are so many abstract ideas that are vital to friendships and trust is one of them. We wanted this video to be a tool to help students learn what trust is and why it’s important. This video can also be useful because there are so many great lessons that can spring from here such as when not to keep secrets, how to know if someone wants you to keep a secret, or what to do if someone tells you a secret.

Another thing I love about this topic is that it can lead to work on perspective taking- students can think about if they would want others to know their private thoughts or feelings or how they would feel if someone told one of their secrets.

Waiting Your Turn

Christine having trouble waiting!

Christine having trouble waiting!

Waiting Your Turn was a request we’ve been getting for a while. In this video Christine has a hard time waiting her turn to go to the board and we show how her actions impact the whole class. She has a tantrum and the rest of the class is disrupted and feels upset. We liked showing the other student’s reactions because it gives a consequence to her actions.

This video also teaches the tool of observing. Christine is feeling very upset that she has to wait her turn but when she looks around and sees that no one else is getting upset she realizes she needs to calm down. Students can use this tool in so many situations! If you’re ever unsure of what to do, just look around and follow the group!

That’s all for now! We’re looking forward and will be creating even more social skills video lessons this summer! If you have any topics you feel your students would love to see/ can learn from let us know on TwitterPinterest, or Facebook!

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