March’s Newest Social Skills Videos!

By Cal Brunell March 20, 2018

Hey there! March is here, spring is (kind of) in the air, and we’ve got some new social skills videos for you!

We’re especially excited about our new Activity, Emotion ID. Focused at emergent learners, Emotion ID is a fun way to try and guess how someone is feeling. In tandem with our companion worksheet, we ask students to try to figure out 3 main clues:

  1. How does the person’s voice sound?
  2. How does their facial expression look?
  3. What message are their words sending?

Try it out and let us know what you think!

March’s New Social Skills Videos

Let’s get to it!

Social Skills in Action



Britt’s Tips

Best Practices From Our Resident SLP

March means more video lessons! Here’s hoping spring comes quickly and brings some warm weather and relief from winter. From revamping older lessons to new types of activity lessons, we’re excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on this month!

Social Skills in Action

Disagreeing with an Adult – This video builds on our recent Direct/Indirect language lessons. I like to teach phrases that are gentle ways to disagree or get clarification. If we start with a question such as “Did you mean…” or saying “I might be wrong but…” you’re talking around the disagreement and not directly telling someone you think they’re wrong. This video compares the direct way with the indirect way to demonstrate the social consequences.

Including Everyone – We created this lesson for younger students working on play skills. It follows the theme of thinking about others and the whole group when you play, not just yourself. Something that may be fun for you, isn’t necessarily fun for the whole group. This idea extends to sharing turns and making sure everyone in a group is included. Finish your lesson with the video’s accompanying worksheet that asks students to sort which actions would be fun for the whole group!

Making Eye Contact  This was one of the first video lessons we ever made so we’re excited to go back and update it. We kept the concept the same but updated the look and style of the video using new animations and visuals. This is a basic concept but still one of the most important!


Emotion ID I – I’m really excited to share this brand new activity focusing on emotion recognition skills. We show a couple rounds of real kids talking and your students have to guess which emotion they see, based on the  tone of voice, facial expression, and words used. One of my favorite parts is we end the rounds with a side by side shot of the actor’s facial expression with our Socialmojis. This is a really fun way to break down each part of an expression – the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, etc. and comparing them to the emoji they see!


Focusing in School – This is a simple modeling video to teach students to keep their brains focused on the group plan in school. I like to use the phrase “body and brain check” to check in every once in a while and help students develop their self regulation/awareness skills. I ask them to ask themselves “Are your bodies calm?”,“Are your brains focused or thinking about something else?” These check-ins are helpful to bring focus back if it’s wandering.

Hope you enjoy! Talk soon – Britt

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all!

Happy Watching,
Brittany and Cal


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