Making Eye Contact

Making Eye Contact

Owen doesn't make eye contact when he has a conversation with Johnny. Johnny feels confused by this and thinks Owen doesn't want to talk to him. When Owen correct his behavior and looks at Johnny while they talk, the conversation goes smoothly.
Voice-over: Making eye contact means looking at the person you are having a conversation with. When you talk to people, you look at them to show you are talking to them. When you listen, it's important to make eye contact, because it shows you are listening and interested. Let's see what happens when Owen doesn't use eye contact.

Johnny: I had so much fun at the game this weekend, what did you do?

Owen: I got a new video game, it's awesome.


Voice-over: How do you think Johnny feels? Let's see what he's thinking.

Johnny: I'm confused. Did he not hear me? Why isn't he looking at me? Maybe he just doesn't want to talk to me.

Voice-over: He feels confused. Johnny doesn't know if Owen heard him, or if he wants to talk, because he isn't making eye contact. Let's watch Owen try again.

Johnny: What did you do this weekend?

Owen: I got a new video game. It's awesome!

Johnny: That sounds really fun!

Voice-over: That time Owen made eye contact, and the conversation went smoothly. Johnny knew that Owen wanted to talk, because he was looking at him. Eye contact is important, because it tells people that you are interested and lets them know who you are talking to. What will Owen remember to do next time? Make eye contact!