Making Connected Comments

Making Connected Comments

Chris and Alessandra are talking about Chris's soccer game when Alessandra starts talking about her favorite type of pizza. Chris is confused because what Alessandra said didn't connect back to what Chris said. Alessandra learns that comments should fit together, like puzzle pieces. When she tries again, she makes a comment back that relates to Chris's soccer game and they have a successful conversation!
Voice-over: In conversations, we make comments back and forth. Those comments have to fit together like a puzzle. If someone talks about homework, we say something about homework. If we don't connect our comments, other people will become confused. Let's see what happens, if we don't connect our comments.

Chris: My soccer team has a game this weekend. We are playing the best team.

Alessandra:  What's your favorite type of pizza? Mine is cheese.

Chris: Oh, yeah. Cheese is cool. As I was saying, the team is really good.

Alessandra: The pizza place by my house makes the best pizza. It's my favorite.

Chris: Oh, that's cool.

Voice-over: How do you think Chris and Alessandra feel? Let's see what they are thinking.

Chris: What is she talking about? I was talking about my game, and then she started talking about pizza. That makes no sense.

Alessandra: I'm having pizza tonight. Cheese is my favorite.

Voice-over: Chris is confused. Alessandra's comment about pizza wasn't connected to Chris' soccer game. Those didn't fit together. Alessandra should say something that connects back to Chris' soccer game. Let's watch her try again.

Chris: My soccer team has a game this weekend. We are playing the best team.

Alessandra: Hmm. What can I say that has to do with Chris' game? I know. I can ask what position he plays. What position do you play?

Chris: I'm the goalie. I think it's the best position.

Alessandra: Cool. What do you like best about being a goalie?

Chris: You get to save all the shots.

Voice-over: That time, when Chris talked about soccer, Alessandra made a comment about soccer too. Those puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. Remember: In a conversation, we should make comments that connect with what the other person is saying. Like pieces in a puzzle.