What I’m Looking Forward to at ASHA 2014

By Brittany Lehane November 18, 2014

Hi guys! I’m super excited to be going to the ASHA conference this week. It’s my first time attending so I’ve been preparing all month! I’ve read a couple blogs that give great tips on how to get the most out of the conference.

One  great blog I’ve come across is Speech Techie’s list of apps that save you time at ASHA. Check that out here.

Download the Program Planner App

Another way I’ve prepared is by downloading the program planner app. This keeps all of the programs you want to attend organized for you. The app itself is called “Mira Conference”, which you can find it here. I had a hard time finding it because it doesn’t say ASHA or program planner anywhere in the title and won’t come up if you search it.

Once you have the app you have to select which conference you’re attending. To do this, click on “import” at the bottom and a list of presentations pops up. Simply click on 2014 ASHA and you’re good to go! The app is nice because it lists all of the courses and seminars available with descriptions and gives all of the details you’ll need such as times and locations. You can keep all of the programs you want to attend organized in “My Agenda” in a nice calendar. See the app below:

program planner


Sessions I want to See

I’m most interested in seeing programs on Autism related content because that is the population I work most closely with. I’m also really excited to see the Michelle Garcia Winner Sessions on Social Thinking and strategies for teaching social skills. Unfortunately a lot of the seminars are offered at the same time so you need to pick and choose which to attend.

Below I’ve listed the courses I’m most interested in for anyone who shares these interests and wants a quick view of the Autism related offerings. I’ve separated them by the Michelle Garcia Winner Sessions and other ones that relate to Autism. I’ve heard that the Michelle Garcia Winner sessions fill up quickly so get there early if you can!

Michelle Garcia Winner Sessions:

Thursday Nov. 20 10:30-12:30 Implementation Science and Social Thinking: Discovering Evidence in our own back yard. This course is about accessible ways to use evidence based practice in our daily work by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

Thursday Nov. 20 3:00-4:00 Social Thinking Vocabulary, Lesson to Teach Being a Social Detective by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

Thursday Nov. 20 4:00-5:30 Building Resilience through Social Thinking– note this is not done by Michelle Garcia Winner herself but is based on Social Thinking curriculum and strategies.

Friday Nov. 21 8:00-10 ASD Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Mental Health Problems Associated with Social Learning Challenges by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

Friday Nov. 21 1:00-3:00 Thinking Thoughts & Feelings Using Social Thinking in Preschool– again this is not done by Michelle Garcia Winner herself but is based on Social Thinking curriculum and strategies.

Friday Nov. 21 3:30-4:30 What do Social Skills have to do with social Executive Functioning and Language Interpretation? by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

Autism Related:

Thursday Nov. 20 10:30-12:30 Adolescents with Autism: Supporting Students and Families during the transition to adulthood. I’m especially excited about this seminar because I work with high school age students.

Thursday Nov. 20 1:30-2:30 He’s Just Lazy! Helping Students with High Functioning Autism Meet Common Core State Standards.  All about developing compensatory strategies for these students.

Thursday Nov. 20 3:00-4:00 The Relationship Between Gesture and Language in ASD looking at research on the relationship between language and gesture.

Thursday Nov. 20 4:00-5:30 Talk About it: Innovative Approaches to teach Conversation to Adolescents with ASD– different strategies and methods.

Friday Nov. 21 8:00-10:00 Building Partnerships using Innovative Technologies to Bridge Research to Practice for Toddlers with Autism and Communication Delays

Friday Nov. 21 1:00-3:00 Assessment and Treatment of Nonverbal or Minimally Verbal Children with Autism & Other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Focuses on prelinguistic communication and using the iPad to increase social interactions.

Friday Nov. 21 5:00-6:00 Listen to me- My Behavior Communicates. This is all about what a child’s behavior can tell us about their needs and what they are trying to tell us. Very helpful for anyone working with students who have behavior challenges.

Saturday Nov. 22 8:00-10 Social Communication Disorder: What is this Diagnostic Category and What are the implications? This seminar talks about the new category in DSM 5 now that the Asperger’s diagnosis has been removed. A very hot topic currently and will be interesting to learn about.

Come Say Hello!

There are so many opportunities to learn and see exciting new tools. I’m excited to see what the exhibit hall has to offer as well! I’ll be tweeting about all of the awesome things I see from @Britt_Lehane so stay tuned!

If you’re around and want to say hi, let me know!

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