Great Language Apps! The iTooch Series

By Brittany Lehane December 12, 2013

As an SLP that is in the business of creating apps, I’m always on the lookout for great apps I can use with my kids.  It can be hard to find high quality apps, so I figured I’d share one of my favorites with you – the iTooch series, from EduPad Inc.iTooch Intro Screen

EduPad makes educational apps for children in elementary school and middle school. Their apps are created by teachers, parents, and videogame designers, so the apps look cool do a great job of teaching classroom concepts. I have the free versions of iTooch Elementary School and iTooch Middle School. You can buy apps separated by grade (3-8) and subject (ELA, Math, and Health). The full version of the apps cost $9.99.

Here’s how the apps work: You select which category you want to work on. As an example, let’s choose Vocabulary. You have a choice of two lessons, Words with Multiple Meanings or Spelling Aids. My favorite is Words with Multiple Meanings. Once you’ve selected that, you can either review the lesson or go straight into practice questions. I’ve done both depending on who I’m working with. The lesson is a nice review if you are introducing an activity. My kids work on using context clues a lot, so with them I would just jump into the practice questions. From here you can choose practice or test mode.

Now you run through multiple choice questions asking students to select how the given sentence is using a vocabulary word. An example sentence is: “The paper would be instrumental in securing a grade.” The user then selects which meaning best matches the use of the word instrumental from 4 choices. Later in the lesson there will be a question using the second meaning of the word instrumental (having to do with instrumental music).

Vocabulary Booster

I use both apps all the time in my sessions. I have used them in a middle school and high school with regular education AND special education students. I’ve had the free version for a year now and I use it at least a couple times a month. I’m ready to upgrade to the full version because I’ve gotten so much use out of the free version.

iTooch Middle School

The free version of iTooch Middle School comes with Language Arts Grade 8 lessons. These are the perfect level for my high school students who work on language. Here’s a list of lessons included with the free version:


  1. Reading
    • Main Idea and Supporting Details
    • Identifying Author’s Purpose


  2. Writing and Composition
    • Basic Sentence
    • Simple vs. Compound


  3. Grammar
    • Using Nouns
    • Types of Nouns


  4. Vocabulary Booster
    • Words with Multiple Meanings: A great way to work on context clues!
    • Spelling Aids: Strategies such as chunking and practicing words out loud.


iTooch Elementary School

The free version of iTooch Elementary School comes with Language Arts Grade 3 lessons. Here’s a list of categories and lessons for the free version.

  1. Writing and composition
    • Introducing a Topic
    • Stating and Supporting an Opinion: Read speeches and figure out the author’s opinion


  2. Reading Comprehension Strategies
    • Predicting: Read a few sentences or look at a picture to make predictions of what will happen next
    • Describing Characters in a Story: Real vs. imaginary characters and how to describe them. The questions ask about character traits and feelings.


  3. Research and Reasoning
    • Recognizing Points of View
    • Drawing Conclusions


  4. Vocabulary Booster
    • Root Word: A lesson with many examples of common root words with their meanings then practice questions about finding the root word in examples.
    • Word Families: A lesson about building vocabulary knowledge by knowing word families such as –an,-ap, -ed and building words with these endings.


  5. Communication
    • Sequencing Ideas:  Learning to sequence in sentences and how to use transition words
    • Supporting Details: How supporting details support the topic


Summary Screen

You can check out the eduPad website here.  If you’ve used the iTooch series, let us know!  We’re always looking for great apps so if there’s any out there you think we should know about, drop us a line! Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list here to stay updated with our latest therapy tips, app announcements, and blog posts.  Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterPinterest, and like us on Facebook!

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