Free Social Skills Videos! 6 Videos for Elementary Through High School Students

By Everyday Speech September 15, 2015

We’ve recently released 6 free social skills videos on YouTube! These videos are a part of our social skills videos library – over 200 social skills videos designed to help aide social learning from elementary through high school. Our digital videos are available for instant viewing on ALL your devices: PCs, Macs, iPad + Android tablets, and smartphones.

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Please Note: You can also view these as a playlist on YouTube.

Update 2: We’ve recently added a new video type – an Interactive Game to YouTube. With our most recent update, we’ve added pure modeling videos – a straightforward demonstration of a skill – as well as more than 25 interactive games, designed to reinforce skills learned. Check out our most popular video ever – Emotions Bingo!

Emotions Bingo

You can download the Bingo boards here.

Update: Make it 7! We recently added a new video, Compromising, to YouTube. Enjoy!


When Kate and Sarah are making plans, Kate really wants to get Chinese food and go bowling. When Sarah says she doesn’t like those things, Kate doesn’t want to change the plans. Kate learns about compromising – when you take one piece of everyone’s idea to make everyone happy.

Making Connected Comments

Chris and Alessandra are talking about Chris’s soccer game when Alessandra starts talking about her favorite type of pizza. Chris is confused because what Alessandra said didn’t connect back to what Chris said. Alessandra learns that comments should fit together, like puzzle pieces. When she tries again, she makes a comment back that relates to Chris’s soccer game and they have a successful conversation!

Making Eye Contact

Owen doesn’t make eye contact when he has a conversation with Johnny. Johnny feels confused by this and thinks Owen doesn’t want to talk to him. When Owen changes his behavior and looks at Johnny while they talk, the conversation goes smoothly.

Think it or Say It

When Alessandra gets a gift she from Serena that she doesn’t like, she hurts Serena’s feelings by telling her that. Alessandra needs to keep not-so-nice thoughts inside so she doesn’t upset other people. When she tries again, she pauses a second and wonders: Should I Think it or Say it?

Taking a Break to Calm Down

Bobby is struggling with a worksheet. He gets angrier and angrier until he explodes and rips his paper. His actions disrupted the rest of the class. When Bobby tries again, he realizes he is starting to get upset and uses his strategies to calm down. After he takes a deep breath, he starts to feel better.

Seeing Someone Else’s Side

Kate accidentally steps on Mike’s sneakers, and Mike gets very upset. Kate doesn’t understand why Mike is so upset, because it’s just an accident. Mike doesn’t understand why Kate doesn’t care. When it happens again, they think about the other person’s side – Kate knows these are Mike’s favorite sneakers, so she apologizes. Mike understands it was just an accident, and it’s no big deal.

Listening With Your Body

Jeff is working on the computer when Mike and Kate want to talk. Jeff doesn’t turn around from the computer, so his friends aren’t sure if he wants to talk. Jeff should show he’s listening with his eyes, ears, and body. Next time, he turns around to make sure his friends know he’s listening.

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Melissa says

Hi, I really like the videos I have viewed so far and am most likely going to subscribe :) I work in a middle school...can you tell me approximately what percentage of the videos might pertain to grades 5-9?

Darlene says

Love these! Thanks!

Aurelia says

what percentage of the videos might pertain to grades 5-9?

Melissa Alloway says

I want to sign up for the free 30 day trail to watch your videos with my social skills students. I can't figure out howto get started.

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