February’s Newest Social Skills Videos!

By Cal Brunell February 14, 2018

Hey there! Hope you are having a great February! Spring will be here before we know it!

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February’s New Social Skills Videos

Let’s get to it!

Social Skills in Action



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Best Practices From Our Resident SLP

It’s hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through the school year! Our latest video lessons span the topics of hygiene (great for these winter months), perspective taking, and friendship skills. We hope you and your students enjoy and get lots of practice from them!

Social Skills in Action

Correcting a Teacher – We tackle the tricky subject of how to correct someone, especially when it’s a teacher! Many of our videos have covered the idea of how we change the way we speak based on who we’re talking to. This video continues this theme in addition to how to let an adult know they’ve made a mistake without being disrespectful.

Covering When You Sneeze – This is the latest addition to our hygiene category. We found that especially during cold season, it’s helpful to model the steps of how to cover a sneeze as well as talk about why it’s important. Hygiene skills can have many social consequences (such as grossing people out!) and therefore we’re continuing to build this section of our library.

Staying on Topic – This is one of our first updated video lessons! The
more we grow, the more we reflect back on the video lessons we’ve made. We always want to improve on the quality of our lessons, so we went back and updated this lesson. It still targets staying on topic for younger ages but we’ve updated the look and content of the video. Stay tuned for more updates over the next couple months!

Talking Over People – I’m super excited to release this video because it features one of our newest concepts – the Conversation Stoplight. We created this to help students understand the give and take of a conversation. Our video features an animated stop light, clueing in the students to times it’s okay to “go” or times they should “pause” and listen.


Two Sides – Think About Others  This activity is the latest addition to our Two Sides collection. Here, we show a scene and ask if the main character thought about the other people around them. We model these skills in a variety of contexts such as working in class and talking with friends so students can see how to practice in different environments. We stress that it’s important to think about others any time we’re around people!


Accepting Friends’ Ideas – I’m excited to add more play and friendship skills to our modeling library because that’s something I’ve been working on a ton with my younger learners this year! This video teaches students to be okay with new ideas during play and to be more flexible when someone wants to play something new.

What to do When You Feel Sick at School – Again, it being cold & flu season we thought it appropriate to release some lessons about being sick and hygiene. This video models self-regulation, communication, and hygiene skills all in one!

Hope you enjoy! Talk soon. – Britt

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all!

Happy Watching,
Brittany and Cal

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