Emotions Bingo

Emotions Bingo

In Emotions Bingo, you have to try to guess how each person is feeling! If you get four emotions in a row, up, down, side to side, or diagonal, you can say Bingo! With 10 rounds and 10 different emotions, Emotions Bingo is a perfect activity for a social skills group!
Voice-over: Welcome to Emotions Bingo! In this video, we’ll play a fun game where we try to guess how different people are feeling. After we figure out how each person is feeling, we’ll mark that emotion on our bingo board. If you get four emotions in a row -- up, down, or diagonal -- you can say “bingo!” The first person to get bingo is the winner! Whenever we see this icon in the corner, we can stop and talk about how everyone is feeling. Let’s get started. Let’s focus on Serena. How do you think this situation makes her feel?

Liz: I wanted to work on my science project today, but I left my book at home.

Serena: You can use mine.

Liz: Great! Thanks!

Serena: No problem!

Voice-over: How do we think Serena feels? Serena lent her book to Liz. To show that she was thankful for the book, Liz said "Thank you" to Serena. This made Serena feel...happy. You can tell she was happy because she was smiling and her voice sounded happy. Find "Happy" on your board and mark it! This time we'll focus on Serena and Devin.

Serena: So, what did you guys do this weekend?

Andrew: I went to the mall with my family.

Devin: I had a basketball game. We played the ...

Voice-over: How do we think Serena and Devin feel? Andrew, Devin and Serena were having a conversation when Andrew got up in the middle of the conversation and didn’t say anything. This made Serena and Devin feel…confused. We can tell that they feel confused because they’re moving their eyebrows up and down and looking at each other as if they don’t understand what’s happening. Andrew should remember that every time we end a conversation, we should say goodbye. Find “Confused’ on your board and mark it! Let’s focus on Jeff. He’s taking notes on a video his class is watching. Try to figure out how he feels.

Teacher: Everyone take out your note packets. We’re going to fill in the section about the skeletal system. Pay close attention to the video and fill in the answer choices.

Mike: Hey, you know a skeleton’s favorite instrument? A trombone. Hey, you know which skeleton won the beauty contest?

Jeff: Shhh!

Mike: No...body!

Jeff: I just missed an answer!

Voice-over: How do we think Jeff feels? Jeff was trying to focus on the video when Mike kept making jokes and distracting him. Jeff’s face looks serious and his voice sounds a bit upset. Jeff is...annoyed. Find “Annoyed” on your board and mark it! This time, we’re going to focus on Mike.

Mike: Hey Kate, come look at this drawing I made. Ow!

Kate: Sorry.

Mike: What did you do that for? These are my favorite shoes!

Kate: Jeez. Chill out! It was an accident.

Mike: It doesn't matter. Don't touch my sneakers!

Voice-over: Mike didn’t like it when Kate stepped on his sneaker. How do you think he feels? Mike loves his sneakers and doesn’t want them to be ruined. He was angry that Kate stepped on them. We can tell Mike felt angry because his voice was raised, and he had a very serious tone of voice. His face was also getting a little bit red. Mike needs to take a second and think from Kate’s point of view. Did she mean to step on his sneakers? Find “Angry” on your board and mark it! This time, we’re going to look at how Kate was feeling after Sarah gets back a test.

Teacher: Okay class, I have your math test.

Sarah: Argh! I worked so hard on this! This test isn't fair! We had too much to study!

Teacher: Why don’t you come up to my desk and we'll talk about it.

Sarah: Fine!

Voice-over: Kate looked like she wasn’t expecting Sarah to act that way in school. How do you think she was feeling? When Sarah had a big reaction, Kate felt...surprised. We can tell she feels surprised because she raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth a little bit. She didn’t expect Sarah to start yelling in school. Find “Surprised” on your board and mark it! Let’s see how Bobby feels when he’s doing some schoolwork.

Bobby: Urgh…Come on! I can’t do it!

Voice-over: Bobby was having some trouble with his work. How do you think that made him feel? Sometimes when we have a problem that we can’t seem to fix, we can feel like Bobby felt. He felt...frustrated. We can tell he was feeling frustrated because Bobby ripped his paper and yelled. Then he crossed his arms and had an upset look on his face. His eyes were closed and his lip was curled. Next time Bobby is feeling frustrated, he can use his strategies. He can take a deep breath or ask his teacher to take a break. Find “Frustrated” on your board and mark it! This time we’re going to take a look at Alessandra. She’s having a birthday party and wants to invite Devin. Pay attention to how Devin makes her feel.

Alessandra: Hi Devin, my birthday is this Saturday. I’m having a party at my house and it'd be great if you could come. Let me know?

Devin: Eh, no thanks. I don’t really want to go.

Voice-over: Devin handed back the invitation and said he didn’t want to go. How do you think that made Alessandra feel? Why? It’s okay to decline an invitation to a birthday party, but when Devin didn’t even think about it and handed Alessandra the card back, she felt...sad. Alessandra spent time to make an invitation for Devin, and he immediately handed it back to her. She started looking at the ground and her smile disappeared. This is how we know she was feeling sad. Find “Sad” on your board and mark it! Let’s take a look at Serena in this video. She has some news to share with Alessandra.

Serena: Hey Alessandra! Guess what? I made the soccer team!

Alessandra: Congratulations! I didn’t make it.

Serena: You’re really good! You can try out again next year.

Alessandra: Thanks.

Voice-over: Serena just made the soccer team. How do you think she feels? Serena was excited to make the soccer team. Alessandra didn’t make the team, but she saw that Serena was really excited, so she congratulated her. Alessandra was a good friend! Find “Excited” on your board and mark it! This time, we’re going to take a look at Alessandra. How does she feel after Serena reacts to a change in her schedule?

Alessandra: Do you guys know what we’re doing in gym class today?

Bobby: We don’t have gym class today. We're going to an assembly.

Serena: What?

Bobby: We're going to an assembly.

Serena: But today is Monday and we always have gym on Monday!

Voice-over: When Serena had a big reaction to the schedule changing, she started yelling. How did that make Alessandra feel? Alessandra looked around the table. Serena’s actions made her feel...uncomfortable. We can tell from her face and body language that Serena’s actions made Alessandra feel uncomfortable. Find “Uncomfortable” on your board and mark it! For our final round, let’s see how Liz, Alessandra, and Bobby look during a class party.

Chris: Mmm, these look good!

Serena: Ooh, I love granola!

Liz: Ugh!

Bobby: Ew!

Alessandra: She just touched these!

Voice-over: Serena was touching everyone’s food. How do you think that made the rest of the group feel? When someone does something that might make you feel sick or grossed out you might feel...disgusted. The rest of the group didn’t want to eat food that Serena had touched and smelled. Serena needs to remember that at a party, you only touch food you are going to eat. Find “Disgusted” on your board and mark it! Great job everyone! We went over a lot of different emotions today. Remember to look at someone’s face and body language and listen to how their voice sounds. These can be BIG clues to how someone is feeling. Thanks for playing! See you next time!