Conversation GPS – Keep the Conversation Going!

By Cal Brunell January 22, 2018


We’ve been working really hard on a premium game packet that’s ready to share!

Conversation GPS is an interactive game that’s designed for two or more players. Set up in a board game style, players have to navigate through a conversation using our game cards as a GPS to pick topics, make comments, ask questions, and respond! With spaces like “Shift the Topic” and “Pay the Ticket”, there are many fun obstacles and challenges along the way. The first to drive their car to the end of the board is the winner!

For many students, starting, sustaining, and remaining on topic in a conversation is challenging. The goal of our Conversation GPS is to offer a fun and supported platform for students to practice conversations, gain confidence, and experience success.

What’s Included

In this premium packet, you get:

  • Conversation GPS game board
  • Game cards – ask a WH question, make a comment, etc.
  • Blank game cards – create your own prompts
  • Game pieces
  • Conversation tracker – students keep track of their own contributions to the conversation
  • Reflection table

Download Here

Click here to get the Conversation GPS Packet in color.

Click here to get the Conversation GPS Packet in black and white.

You’ll need a free Everyday Speech account to download the packet. If you’re a videos subscriber, please use the same email you use for that!

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all!

Happy Teaching,

Brittany and Cal

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