Conversation Drivers & Stoppers

By Cal Brunell January 22, 2018

Similar to something you’d buy on Teachers Pay Teachers, this packet provides hours of social learning practice. Focused on our concept of Conversation Drivers and Conversation Stoppers, this premium worksheet packet helps students understand when their actions start a conversation, keep it going, or stop a conversation.

This packet includes 36 scenario cards, a mini game, a poster with visuals, as well as a homework and review page.

We recommend this packet for any students who are working on conversation skills from elementary to middle school. It’s great to use in tandem with our Conversation Drivers & Stoppers video lessons and activities. We have a wide range of interactive activities on this concept, from Bingo and Guess What Happens Next to Fork in the Road and Two Sides. All of these use video clips to work on driving and stopping conversations in many different ways.


The concept of Conversation Drivers teaches students how to use behaviors that drive a conversation or keep it going. Conversation Stoppers will stop a conversation before it is naturally over and generally cause uncomfortable or confused feelings. The scenario cards allow students to read a situation and decide whether the action drove a conversation or stopped it based on the reactions of the conversation partners. Our mini game asks students to read each card and decide if that action will drive or stop the conversation and then sort it into the appropriate pile. The poster can be used as a visual during lessons or hung up in your office as a reminder! Homework and review activities help promote carryover from school to home and generalization of skills.

Download Here

You can preview and download the Conversation Drivers & Stopper premium packet by clicking here.

You’ll need a free Everyday Speech account to download the packet. If you’re a videos subscriber, please use the same email you use for that!

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all!

Happy Teaching,

Brittany and Cal

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