Brand New Social Skills Videos for June!

By Brittany Lehane June 7, 2016

Hey guys! Hope everyone is feeling the excitement of summer approaching! I know I am as soon as we feel those first warm days. We’re hoping you can use this fresh batch of social skill videos in your last days of treatment. We all know how students get antsy as the summer approaches so grab their attention by using fun videos!

What are They Thinking About?

Andrew uses his eyes to observe Christine

Andrew uses his eyes to observe Christine

Our first new video What are They Thinking About focuses on the skill of observation. Observing others is such a useful tool and helps students pick up on other’s thoughts and feelings! In this video we teach how to observe by looking at another person’s eyes to see what they are looking at. This gives you a big clue as to what they are thinking about!

In our video Christine is looking at her computer screen with a frustrated look. At first Andrew thinks she doesn’t want to talk but when he observes Christine closer he understands that she is frustrated with the computer, not with him! Students can practice this skill with our use along worksheet. We give some examples of situations with a clue and students have to guess what each person is thinking about!

Washing Hands

We model the steps to washing your hands and explain why it's so important for social situations!

We model the steps to washing your hands and explain why it’s so important for social situations!

The Washing Hands video is another Social Short. These are quick clips that focus on one clear cut skill at a time and model how to do it. This one focuses on washing your hands! We have had a lot of requests for hygiene videos and are now starting to create more. Hygiene is a huge part of social behavior and can have negative social consequences if not followed in the appropriate way. One time as an exercise during a hygiene lesson a co-worker asked students to draw out what happens if we don’t have good hygiene. One student put it best by drawing a table full of kids and one table where the person with poor hygiene sat alone. Plain and simple, people will not want to be around you if you do not follow the hygiene rules!

Anyway, our video shows a student thinking about why he has to wash his hands. We wanted to point out why it is so important in a way that is meaningful to kids. In the video Bobby learns that we use our hands all the time and we can spread germs when we high five or share an object with another person. He goes through three different scenarios where it is important to wash your hands.

Getting a Bad Grade

Back by request-we made a version of this skill for older students!

Back by request-we made a version of this skill for older students!

This is another topic we got a lot of requests for so we decided to make a version for older students too. Older students can really benefit from this topic because if they make a scene in class over a bad grade it will have a big impact on how other’s think about them. As we get older big reactions to small problems affects the surrounding students even more. Younger students may be used to tantrums in the classroom but by high school crying and screaming in the class really stands out and makes other classmates feel uncomfortable. If our older students can learn to curb these meltdowns and some strategies to handle small problems, it can go a big way to helping them socially.

In this video we see Sarah fall apart as she gets a bad grade. We make sure to point out how the other students react to this. One student even mentions that the same thing happened to him but he’s not making a scene about it. As Sarah tries again she learns that she can talk to her teacher about the grade and finds a way to feel better.

Introducing Yourself to an Adult

This social short models how to introduce yourself and how it can be different talking to adults!

This social short models how to introduce yourself and how it can be different talking to adults!

This video is another Social Short modeling how students should introduce themselves to an adult. We point out that we way we talk and act around our peers can be very different from how we act around adults. Therefore, the way we introduce ourselves may be a little different too.

We go through all of the steps and focus on how and why we do these things. The why is so important because it can help students understand the importance and consequences of social skills. For example, we model shaking hands and talk about how this is usually done with adults. It may be strange for kids who are the same age to shake hands when they meet. The video also points out that hand shaking is quick and if we shake for too long it will make the other person feel uncomfortable. To wrap up it reviews all of the steps in order with words on the screen!

Hope you and your students enjoy using these new videos! As always they come with accompanying worksheets. Over the summer we will be filming more videos for next school year so let us know what you want to see! Reach out to us on TwitterPinterest, or Facebook!

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