September Newest Videos + Lesson Units!

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had an awesome start to the school year! Here at Everyday Speech, we’re dedicated to making your lives as easy as possible so we’re dedicating a blog post to update you with all of the new materials we’ve released!

New Lesson Units

As new video lessons come out, new Lesson Units in our curriculum will unlock! Check out these new Lesson Units, full of no-prep materials organized just for you.

Changing the Channel on Feelings (Coping with Tough Emotions)
Lesson Units for Pre-K – Elementary
Unit 1: Understanding Your Emotions
Unit 2: Changing the Channel on Emotions
Unit 3: Handling Jealousy

Keeping Hands to Yourself
Lesson Units for Pre-K – Elementary
Unit 1: Safe Hands, Safe Feet

Understanding Body Language
Lesson Units for Pre-K – Elementary
Unit 1: Body Language Basics
Unit 2: Understanding Body Language
Unit 3: Reading Body Language
Unit 4: Mastering Body Language

Lesson Units for Middle – High School
Unit 1: Body Language Basics
Unit 2: Reading Body Language

New Monthly Videos

Every month of the year, we promise to add new Video Modeling Lessons to our curriculum!

  1. Safe Hands, Safe Feet Introduction
  2. Understanding Body Language Introduction
  3. How to Get Attention From Others Introduction
  4. Changing the Channel Introduction
  5. Changing the Channel When We Feel Upset

New Printables

This month we added over 20 printable new materials! Check out some of our favorites below

  1. Changing the Channel on Tough Feelings Packet : Smile, You’re On TV Activity
  2. Entering a Classroom Quick Review
  3. Taking a Break to Calm Down Question Prompts
  4. Being a Good Sport Discussion Questions
  5. Thinking About Others Discussion

New Games

Bingo Emotions is a super fun Bingo game that came out this summer! If you haven’t tried it yet, our users have loved playing with full classes, small groups, or individual players! Plus you get the option to play completely digitally or print out Bingo boards.

Feature Highlight: New Britt’s Tips Videos

These are quick training videos intended to give you a better idea of new Everyday Speech concepts and fun ways to incorporate them in your social-emotional lessons!

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