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Say goodbye to back-to-school stress with Everyday Speech! Our comprehensive platform offers a wide range of engaging and evidence-based activities, lesson plans, and videos.

“I spend too much time looking for perfect resources.”

Everyday Speech has done the planning for you! We offer two no-prep curricula: Social Communication and Social-Emotional Learning.

  • SCC offers no-prep, social skills lessons for preschool through high school.
  • SEL is a comprehensive preschool through 12th-grade CASEL-aligned curriculum with grade-specific scope and sequence.
  • Education specialists supporting Tier 2-3 interventions say they need both curricula!

“My students are tired of corny videos! I need videos that captivate their attention and make a real life impact”

Everyday Speech provides engaging resources, including live video modeling, interactive games and activities, mindfulness videos, and printable worksheets.

    “I don’t have another second in my day for planning but I need resources that cater to student’s specific needs.”

    Our users tell us they have never experienced a more intuitive platform. 78% of first-time users site “ease of use” as the #1 favorite feature. We save educators 1 hour a day in planning time. Imagine getting 5 hours of your week back?

      “It is overwhelming to find an efficient way to track student progress in social skills.”

      Everyday Speech has you covered! Our curriculum includes easy-to-use data resources, including a customizable IEP goal bank, informal pre + post assessments, and data tracking sheets.

        “My caseload changed. I need new and different resources.”

        Now is the perfect time to try out your resources.

        • Are you supporting students with social skill needs?
        • Do your address student social needs in 1:1, small groups, or whole class settings?

        Let us make your life easier.

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