Everyday Speech Apps

Let's Be Social

Helps Teach Social Skills

Premium Lessons

  • Lesson Summaries model expected actions and emotions felt during each lesson.
  • Q&A mode breaks the lesson down into smaller parts and measures retention.
  • 40 Lessons are organized in 5 skillsets: Personal Interactions, Navigating the Community, School Behavior, Handling Change, and Social Relationships.

Video Content

  • Premium Videos shot in high definition dive deep and show the subtleties and nuances of personal interactions and body language
  • Video narration and on-screen text introduces the concept, shows unexpected actions and consequences, then expected actions and skill reinforcement
  • “Thought bubbles” allow you to go in each character’s head to see what they are thinking
  • Full subtitles available for each video
  • Videos are followed by Q&A to reinforce concepts taught

Create Your Own Content

  • Fast, intuitive content creation tools allow the user to create completely customized lessons on the fly
  • Address any one of the hundreds of social interactions that happen every day
  • Take pictures or use images saved to your device to support your lessons. Take pictures during role playing exercises to save those memories! Or, take pictures of relatives to prepare for a family trip.

10 Ways - A Social Skills Game


Great Games, Ready to Go

With 9 standard games and a random game, 10 Ways works on specific skills as well as significant events. Just download and start!

Fun Game Format

Through a familiar game format with categories of questions, 10 Ways helps dig deep into social communication skills including: conversation skills, perspective taking, asking and answering questions, friendship skills, and many more!

10 Ways to Learn

10 Ways uses – you guessed it – 10 question types to promote social interaction. From “Act it Out” to “What Do You Say When…”, 10 Ways has a different twist to every single question. Work on target skills in different ways & increase fun!

Let's Learn Emotions


Learn Context

Learn to associate different body language and facial cues with different emotions using our Flashcards. Our descriptions written by ASHA Certified SLP’s provide clues to better help determine which emotion someone is feeling.

Measure Retention

Our Matching Game allows users to test what they’ve learned by matching an emotion with a face. Randomization ensures no two games will be alike!

Dive Deep

Going beyond memorization, our Discussion Game stimulates conversation on when and why we feel different emotions. Great for group discussion and 1-on-1, the Discussion Game provides hours of fun! Plus, you can create your own discussion questions in seconds!

Let's Use Language


Topics Covered

States of Matter – Weather – Space and Planets – Ocean/Beach – Animal Habitats – Life Cycle – Nutrition & Food Groups – Seasons – Types of Animals – Rooms in a House – Sports Terms – First, Second, Next, Then, Last – Living & Nonliving – Indoor & Outdoor – Baby & Adult – Hot & Cold – Morning & Night – Hard & Soft

Create Your Own Custom Content

Let’s Use Language allows users to easily create their own stories and lessons, complete with Q&A! You can even use your own pictures! Write stories with your class for an all-inclusive learning experience, or turn a field trip into a story!

Who is Let's Use Language For?

Let’s Use Language is perfect for Speech Language Patholgists, Teachers, and Parents! Our stories are applicable for both the classroom and home. Let’s Use Language can be used with:

  • Children learning language
  • Those who have Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Those with langauge delays
  • English language learners

Complete Speech and Language Bundle


What Your Package Includes:

  • Let's Be Social Pro App
  • Let's Learn Emotions Pro App
  • Let's Use Language Pro App
  • Premium Videos Shot in High Definition
  • Fast, Intuitive Content Creation Tools